Steam Engine

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Camp Five Farmstead (Forest County, Wisconsin)
Open air museum that can be reached only by steam railroad
CB&Q 4-6-4 Hudson Steam Locomotive (La Crosse County, Wisconsin)
One of five extant CB&Q Hudson locomotives, on display in La Crosse
CB&Q 4-6-4 Hudson Steam Locomotive 3003 (Des Moines County, Iowa)
Fourth of twelve Hudsons built for the CB&Q in 1930
Chapin Mine Steam Pump Engine (Dickinson County, Michigan)
A steeple-compound condensing engine capable of lifting 200 tons of water a minute
Chicago & Northwestern Railway 440 (Langlade County, Wisconsin)
2-8-0 Steam Locomotive
Corliss Steam Engine (Pawnee County, Oklahoma)
Corliss Steam Engine with direct-driven 3-phase alternator
Hampton & Branchville 4-6-0 #44 (Fairfield County, South Carolina)
Historic South Carolina steam engine on public display at South Carolina Railroad Museum
National Railroad Museum (Brown County, Wisconsin)
Recognized by Congress in 1958 as the National Railroad Museum
Quincy Mine No. 2 Shaft Hoist House (Houghton County, Michigan)
Santa Fe 4-8-4 Northern Steam Locomotive 2913 (Lee County, Iowa)
Santa Fe Northern Passenger Steam Locomotive On Display in Fort Madison
Soo Line Decapod (Ashland County, Wisconsin)
A Baldwin 2-10-0 built in 1900 for the Soo Line - the largest locomotive ever built up to that time
Soo Line Locomotive 2714 (Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin)
Soo Line Locomotive 2714 is a 4-6-2 is the only remaining one of four light passenger locos ordered by the Wisconsin Central in 1911.
Soo Line Locomotive 2719 (Eau Claire County, Wisconsin)
The last operational steam locomotive on the Soo Line was on display here, but has been restored to running condition and is now on display, when not in use, at the Lake Superior Railroad Museum in Duluth, Minnesota.
Soo Line Locomotive 736 (Outagamie County, Wisconsin)
4-6-2 (Pacific) Locomotive built by Alco