Lost during 2000s

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Antioch Water Tower (Lake County, Illinois)
A demolished water tower that supplied downtown Antioch, Il with water for sanitary systems.
Building at 1602 South G Street (Pierce County, Washington)
Lost late 19th century wood frame building
Dr. Lewis Barrett House (Hart County, Kentucky)
Grosvenor Dale Mill (Windham County, Connecticut)
5-story stair tower, smokestack and office building remain of an incomplete demolition project
Ira Apartments (Lucas County, Ohio)
Lightning Creek Bridge (Crawford County, Kansas)
Concrete thru arch bridge over Lightning Creek
Lumber Exchange Building (Pacific County, Washington)
Lost downtown commercial building
Nihon Go Gakko (Pierce County, Washington)
Lost 1920s era Japanese Language School
Pacific National Bank Building (Pierce County, Washington)
Lost six-story steel-framed skyscraper
Saluda Grade (Polk County, North Carolina)
The Steepest Mainline Railroad Grade in America.
Seedling Mile (Linn County, Iowa)
A section of seedling mile, a demonstration highway built to show motorists the advantages of concrete paving over macadam, gravel or mud.
Springs Cotton Mills (York County, South Carolina)
What would become one of the largest and most profitable textile industry leaders got it's start in Fort Mill in the late 1880s.
Springs Mill Lancaster Complex (Lancaster County, South Carolina)
Once called the largest cotton mill under one roof, the mill was shut down in 2003 and demolished by 2005.
SS Grand View Point Hotel (Bedford County, Pennsylvania)
Popular hotel in the 1930s until the Pennsylvania Turnpike opened
Washington School (Cape Girardeau County, Missouri)
Lost brick school building in Cape Girardeau