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Breese Stevens Field (Dane County, Wisconsin)
1926 brick stadium, used for a wide variety of activities from baseball to track & field events
Chilton Post Office (Calumet County, Wisconsin)
Columbus Post Office (Columbia County, Wisconsin)
Crescent City Hall (Logan County, Oklahoma)
Derby Downs, Home of the All American Soap Box Derby (Summit County, Ohio)
Home of the All-American Soap Box Derby since 1936
Glendale Steps (Summit County, Ohio)
Pedestrian stairway built by the depression era WPA
Grandad Bluff (La Crosse County, Wisconsin)
A 590 foot tall mesa overlooking the CIty of La Crosse and the Mississippi River Valley
Grant County Jail (Grant County, Oklahoma)
Juneau County Courthouse (Juneau County, Wisconsin)
Stone-clad, reinforced concrete structure built as a WPA project in the late 1930s
Kellyville School Gymnasium (Creek County, Oklahoma)
Lincoln County Book Depository (Lincoln County, New Mexico)
Lindsay Municipal Building (Garvin County, Oklahoma)
Lodi School Hillside Improvement Site (Columbia County, Wisconsin)
Park setting designed by the first professor of landscape architecture at the University of Wisconsin
Muskogee Armory (Muskogee County, Oklahoma)
Sayre Underpass (Beckham County, Oklahoma)
Shorewood Village Hall (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Tennessee State Office Building (Davidson County, Tennessee)
Streamlined Classical immediately east of the state capitol