National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark

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The American Society of Mechanical Engineers recognizes that much of our history revolves around engineering breakthroughs and technological advances. To that end, the society began to recognize these significant advances by identifying them as National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmarks. Some are sites. Some are the last extant example of a prevailing technology of its time, such as the propulsion system of the SS Badger car ferry. Some are significant firsts, such as the Jackson Ferry Shot Tower or the Milwaukee River Flushing Station. Some are machines with an unusual distinction, such as Big Brutus in Kansas.

There are nearly 250 engineering landmarks reognized by ASME since the program began in 1971.

For more about the program, see the History page of the website of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Big Brutus (Cherokee County, Kansas)
Bucyrus-Erie Model 1850-B electric mining shovel. It was the second largest in the world when built in 1962.
Chapin Mine Steam Pump Engine (Dickinson County, Michigan)
A steeple-compound condensing engine capable of lifting 200 tons of water a minute
Jackson Ferry Shot Tower (Wythe County, Virginia)
One of a few surviving shot towers, used for making spherical lead shot
Kenefick Park (Douglas County, Nebraska)
Overlooking the I-80 bridge over the Missouri River to welcome westbound travelers to Nebraska
Milwaukee River Flushing Station (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Single story, Victorian utility building
Oneida Street Station (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Repurposed, this neoclassical revival building is listed on both the NRHP and is listed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers as a National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark.
Port Washington Power Plant (Ozaukee County, Wisconsin)
The world's most efficient coal-fired power plant at the time of its construction and for many years afterwards.
Quincy Mine No. 2 Shaft Hoist House (Houghton County, Michigan)
Springfield Armory National Historic Site (Hampden County, Massachusetts)
SS Badger (Manitowoc County, Wisconsin)
Former railroad car ferry converted to automobile and passenger service across Lake Michigan.