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AT & SF Locomotive #3759 (Mohave County, Arizona)
Blue Mountain Locomotive (Walla Walla County, Washington)
Porter - Bell 0-6-0 narrow 3 foot gauge locomotive built in 1877
Cass Scenic Railroad (Pocahontas County, West Virginia)
CB&Q 4-6-4 Hudson Steam Locomotive (La Crosse County, Wisconsin)
One of five extant CB&Q Hudson locomotives, on display in La Crosse
CB&Q 4-6-4 Hudson Steam Locomotive 3003 (Des Moines County, Iowa)
Fourth of twelve Hudsons built for the CB&Q in 1930
Chesapeake and Ohio 2755 Steam Locomotive (Logan County, West Virginia)
Chicago & Northwestern Railway 440 (Langlade County, Wisconsin)
2-8-0 Steam Locomotive
Consolidation Freight Locomotive No. 1187 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Consolidation Freight Locomotive No. 2846 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Consolidation Freight Locomotive No. 7688 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
DDI Electric Locomotive No. 36 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Freight Locomotive No. 5741 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Glenbrook, The (Carson City, Nevada)
A narrow gauge 2-6-0 steam locomotive
Golden Spike National Historic Site (Box Elder County, Utah)
The completion of the transcontinental railroad.
Great Northern Railway Locomotive #1147 (Chelan County, Washington)
Great Northern Railway Class F-8 2-8-0 Steam Locomotive built in 1902
Great Northern Railway Locomotive #2507 (Klickitat County, Washington)
Steam locomotive under a pavilion in a park.
Heisler Steam Locomotive #1260 (Stephenson County, Illinois)
One of 625 of the geared locomotives built by Heisler between 1892 and 1943
Hercules and Coach No. 2 (Edmonson County, Kentucky)
Hetch Hetchy Railroad Engine No.6 (Mariposa County, California)
Historic steam locomotive
Kenefick Park (Douglas County, Nebraska)
Overlooking the I-80 bridge over the Missouri River to welcome westbound travelers to Nebraska
L & N Steam Locomotive No. 152 (Nelson County, Kentucky)
Lion, The (locomotive) (Kennebec County, Maine)
Lion, The (locomotive) (Washington County, Maine)
Locomotive No. 6755 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Mikado Freight Locomotive No. 520 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway Steam Locomotive No. 576 (Davidson County, Tennessee)
Removed from park and undergoing restoration to operational status
National Railroad Museum (Brown County, Wisconsin)
Recognized by Congress in 1958 as the National Railroad Museum
Northern Pacific Railway Locomotive #1354 (Franklin County, Washington)
S-4 class 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive built in 192
Old Smokey (Rusk County, Wisconsin)
2-8-2 Mikado locomotive, a class L-2 built by Alco in 1920
Passenger Locomotive No. 1223 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Passenger Locomotive No. 1737 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Passenger Locomotive No. 7002 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Pere Marquette Railway Locomotive #1223 (Ottawa County, Michigan)
One of Two Extant Pere Marquette Locomotives
Rio Grande Engine No. 168 (El Paso County, Colorado)
Riverside & Great Northern Railway (Juneau County, Wisconsin)
15" Guage Steam Railroad Running at the site of former Sandley Light Railway Works
Sagamore Mills No. 1 and No. 3 (Bristol County, Massachusetts)
Santa Fe 4-8-4 Northern Steam Locomotive 2913 (Lee County, Iowa)
Santa Fe Northern Passenger Steam Locomotive On Display in Fort Madison
Shay Locomotive (Wexford County, Michigan)
Shay locomotive No. 6 (Wahkiakum County, Washington)
Steam locomotive under a pavilion in a park.
Soo Line #2719 (Eau Claire County, Wisconsin)
Soo Line Pacific Locomotive Relocated to Duluth, Minnesota
Soo Line Decapod (Ashland County, Wisconsin)
A Baldwin 2-10-0 built in 1900 for the Soo Line - the largest locomotive ever built up to that time
Soo Line Locomotive #2719 (St. Louis County, Minnesota)
The last operational steam locomotive on the Soo Line, previously at Carson Park, Eau Claire, WI
Soo Line Locomotive 2714 (Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin)
Soo Line Locomotive 2714 is a 4-6-2 is the only remaining one of four light passenger locos ordered by the Wisconsin Central in 1911.
Soo Line Locomotive 736 (Outagamie County, Wisconsin)
4-6-2 (Pacific) Locomotive built by Alco
Steam Locomotive #1385 (Sauk County, Wisconsin)
Switcher No. 1670 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Switcher No. 94 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Union Pacific Big Boy #4004 (Laramie County, Wyoming)
The fifth of 25 Big Boy locomotives built by Alco for the Union Pacific.
Union Pacific Locomotive #4442 (Clark County, Nevada)
Union Pacific Railroad Locomotive #2537 (Walla Walla County, Washington)
Mikado Class 2-8-2 steam locomotive built in 1918
Virginia and Truckee Railway Locomotive #27 (Carson City, Nevada)
A 4-6-0 steam locomotive
Virginia and Truckee RR. Engine No. 22, The Inyo (Carson City, Nevada)
A 4-4-0 steam locomotive
Washington & Lincolnton Railroad 2-8-0 #230 (Knox County, Tennessee)
After more thn 90 years, this steam engine still runs trains in Knoxville!