Built 1976

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Andrew Johnson Tailor Shop (Grainger County, Tennessee)
Replica of President Andrew Johnson's first tailor shop
Beef Slough (Buffalo County, Wisconsin)
A slow moving backwater of the Chippewa River that was the location of a major 19th Century logging operation.
Burke County Courthouse (Burke County, North Carolina)
Camargo - 1847 (Monroe County, Mississippi)
A Mississippi Historical marker on Hwy 45
Ella's Deli (Dane County, Wisconsin)
A 1927 Parker carousel, an attraction at a popular Madison ice cream parlor, that operates from Spring to Fall each season.
Franklin Parish (Franklin Parish, Louisiana)
A Louisiana History Marker in Winnsboro, Louisiana
Gates County Courthouse (Gates County, North Carolina)
Old World Wisconsin (Waukesha County, Wisconsin)
A 600 acre outdoor museum of life in Wisconsin in the 19th Century
Unicoi County Courthouse (Unicoi County, Tennessee)
County courthouse building in Erwin, TN