Lost 2013

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Capitol City Stadium (Richland County, South Carolina)
Historic baseball stadium to see one more year of the national past time before getting the wrecking ball
Cliffside Mill (Rutherford County, North Carolina)
Textile mill in which the town of Cliffside grew around
Greenwood Mills Company Matthews Mill (Greenwood County, South Carolina)
Menz Store (De Kalb County, Illinois)
Best known to recent generations as Menz Food Shop, Stu Menz propriter, 100 plus year old building demolished.
Palmer House (Monroe County, Arkansas)
Pickens Railroad (Pickens County, South Carolina)
Historic South Carolina shortline now abandoned
St. Vincent's College Handball Court (Cape Girardeau County, Missouri)
Wabash Mexico Depot (Audrain County, Missouri)
Lost Wabash Railroad station