Romanesque Revival

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American Brewing Company Plant (Providence County, Rhode Island)
George A. Owen House (Wayne County, Michigan)
Hotel Pfister (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Romanesque Revival, luxury hotel built by leather magnate, Guido Pfister
Hubbard Cooke Block (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
James and Emily Herbert House (Utah County, Utah)
John R. Carriage House (Wayne County, Michigan)
Kendrick Faternal Temple (Latah County, Idaho)
LaSalle Downtown Commercial District (LaSalle County, Illinois)
Ridgewood Reservoir (Unspecified county, New York)
Smith Carriage House (Wayne County, Michigan)
Sutton Hotel (New York County, New York)
The Rae Flats and The Raleigh (Erie County, New York)
William A. Pungs House (Wayne County, Michigan)