Historic Resources of the Kansas City Missouri School District Pre-1970 MPS

The property types associated with Kansas City, Missouri School District evolved over time to meet the physical needs and to promote the prevailing educational theories adopted by the Kansas City School District. Property types and subtypes are discussed below in greater detail. Most public school resources will be locally significant. Properties eligible for listing in the National Register through this multiple property nomination are significant under Criterion A and/or C. Under Criterion C (ARCHITECTURE) they express the architectural vocabulary of educational resources that evolved to accommodate changing educational philosophies. The eligible property must clearly illustrate features designed intentionally to address specific educational theory or health and safety issues. Under Criterion A (EDUCATION) eligible properties demonstrate the evolution of public educational practices and trends in educational philosophy. Schools may be significant as locations where experimental educational theories were tested, as the first facility to implement specific Progressive Era teaching methods (such as vocational training) or organizational structures and programs (such as kindergartens or junior high school). The historic contexts presented in this document may not address all potential areas of significance. During the evaluation and nomination of individual school properties other areas of significance might become evident, such as Ethnic Heritage.

Kansas City public schools reflect a wide variety of physical characteristics, predominantly form, size, and materials. These characteristics define the property types, while function and the grades taught within the buildings distinguish the sub-types. Kansas City public schools represent evolving national trends in school design as a means of addressing educational philosophy.


Norman School (Jackson County, Missouri)