John Eberson

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Bethesda Theatre (Montgomery County, Maryland)
Capitol Theatre Building (Genesee County, Michigan)
Central National Bank (Richmond, Virginia)
Embassy Theater and Indiana Hotel (Allen County, Indiana)
Grand Riviera Theater (Wayne County, Michigan)
Hippodrome Theatre (Vigo County, Indiana)
Indiana Theatre (Vigo County, Indiana)
John Sinopoulo House (Oklahoma County, Oklahoma)
Loew's and United Artists State Theatre (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
Loew's Theatre (Summit County, Ohio)
Loews Theatre (Richmond, Virginia)
Majestic Theatre (Bexar County, Texas)
Majestic Theatre (Dallas County, Texas)
Olympia Theater and Office Building (Miami-Dade County, Florida)
Orpheum Theater and Office Building (Sedgwick County, Kansas)
Oswego Theater (Oswego County, New York)
Palace Theater (Marion County, Ohio)
Palace Theater (Stark County, Ohio)
Paramount Theater Building (Madison County, Indiana)
Schines Auburn Theatre (Cayuga County, New York)
Depression era, Art Deco style theater undergoing restoration
Strand Theatre and Arcade (Ingham County, Michigan)
Tampa Theater and Office Building (Hillsborough County, Florida)
Theater Building (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
Uptown Building and Theatre (Jackson County, Missouri)