Commercial building

J. L. Wilson Building (Bryan County, Oklahoma)
J. M. Miller and Brother Store (Sabine Parish, Louisiana)
J. M. S. Building (St. Joseph County, Indiana)
J. P. Morgan & Co. Building (New York County, New York)
J. P. Schneider Store (Travis County, Texas)
J. R. Watkins Medical Company Complex (Winona County, Minnesota)
J. S. Block Building (Ouachita Parish, Louisiana)
J. S. Brown Mercantile Building (Denver County, Colorado)
J. S. Coke Building (Coos County, Oregon)
J. S. Graham Store (King County, Washington)
J. S. McGinnis Building (Elmore County, Idaho)
J. S. Schroeder Building (Marion County, Kansas)
J. Schmuck Block (Gage County, Nebraska)
J. Supple's Sons Mercantile Company, Ltd. (Iberville Parish, Louisiana)
J. T. Ferguson Store (Wilkes County, North Carolina)
J. T. Whitney Funeral Home (Maricopa County, Arizona)
J. W. Benn Building (Taylor County, Wisconsin)
J. W. Cox Dry Goods Store (Sussex County, Delaware)
J. W. Fulkerson Building (Creek County, Oklahoma)
J. W. Jones Building (Bingham County, Idaho)
J. W. Wood Building (Lynchburg, Virginia)
J. Wayne Hensley Building (Okmulgee County, Oklahoma)
J. Y. Dykman Flour and Feed Store (Putnam County, New York)
J. Y. Dykman Store (Putnam County, New York)
J.C. Berry's Dry Goods Store (Marion County, Arkansas)
J.C. Penney Building (Yamhill County, Oregon)
J.H. Koontz Building (Umatilla County, Oregon)
J.L. and Son Turner Building (Allen County, Kentucky)
J.R. Darling Store (Caledonia County, Vermont)
J.T.S. Brown and Son's Complex (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
J.W. Knapp Company Building (Ingham County, Michigan)
Jacala Restaurant (Bexar County, Texas)
Jack Rabbit Trading Post (Navajo County, Arizona)
Jack's Diner (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Jackman Building (Dane County, Wisconsin)
Jackson Blacksmith Shop (Goochland County, Virginia)
Jackson Building (Habersham County, Georgia)
Jackson Building (Hall County, Georgia)
Jackson Pharmacy (Habersham County, Georgia)
Jacob Hebeisen Hardware Store (Carver County, Minnesota)
Jacob L. Grubb Store (Meigs County, Tennessee)
Jacob Leinenkugel Brewery (Chippewa County, Wisconsin)
Seventh oldest brewery in the United States and oldest business in Chippewa Falls, perhaps in Wisconsin.
Jacobs Houses and Store (York County, Maine)
Jacobs-Hutchinson Block (Marion County, West Virginia)
Jacoby Building (Humboldt County, California)
Jacoe Store (Boulder County, Colorado)
Jaffa Opera House (Las Animas County, Colorado)
Jamaica Chamber of Commerce Building (Queens County, New York)
Jamaica Savings Bank (Queens County, New York)
James Brown's Dry Goods Store (Northampton County, Virginia)
James Building (Clarendon County, South Carolina)
James Greer Bankhead House (Lamar County, Alabama)
James Hall Office (Albany County, New York)
James Harman Building (Lexington County, South Carolina)
James I. Gardner Store (Yavapai County, Arizona)
James M. Amoss Building (Wabash County, Indiana)
James M. Downey Building (Camden County, New Jersey)
James Mills Storehouse (Middlesex County, Virginia)
James Mitchell House (Indiana County, Pennsylvania)
James William Kite Store (Boone County, Kentucky)
James Z. George Law Office (Carroll County, Mississippi)
Jameson--Richards Gas Station (White County, Arkansas)
Janin Store (Lafayette Parish, Louisiana)
Jardot Building (Payne County, Oklahoma)
Jastro Building (Kern County, California)
Jay Cooke House (Ottawa County, Ohio)
Jay Sharp's Store (Big Horn County, Montana)
Jay's Lunch (Mahoning County, Ohio)
Jayne and Mason Bank Building (Monroe County, New York)
Jayne Estate Building (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Jeffers Mortuary (Greene County, Tennessee)
Jeffers Studio (Thurston County, Washington)
Jefferson Grain Warehouse (Houston County, Minnesota)
Jefferson Standard Building (Guilford County, North Carolina)
Jefferson Trust Company (Hudson County, New Jersey)
Jenckes, E. N., Store (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Jenkins Building (Morris County, Kansas)
Jenkins Music Company Building (Jackson County, Missouri)
Jenne Block (Converse County, Wyoming)
Jenning's Tavern (Steuben County, New York)
Jennings Ford Automobile Dealership (Sangamon County, Illinois)
Jensen Investment Company Building (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Jerome National Bank (Jerome County, Idaho)
Jesse N. Cypert Law Office (White County, Arkansas)
Jewelers' Building (Cook County, Illinois)
Jewell Building (Washington County, Idaho)
Jewish Shelter Home (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Jim Brown Tavern (Summit County, Ohio)
Jim Ong's Market (Maricopa County, Arizona)
Jim Scott Fishhouse (Cook County, Minnesota)
Job Mills Block (Columbia County, Wisconsin)
Joe & Aggie's Cafe (Navajo County, Arizona)
Joe Knight Building (Laclede County, Missouri)
Joe P. Eagle and D. R. Boone Building (Lonoke County, Arkansas)
Joe Pell Building (Hancock County, Kentucky)
Joe's Diner (Bristol County, Massachusetts)
Joel M. Pruyn Block (Columbia County, Wisconsin)
John Ayres House (Dauphin County, Pennsylvania)
John C. Hieber Building (Oneida County, New York)
John Church Company Building (Hamilton County, Ohio)
John D. Richardson Dry Goods Company (Buchanan County, Missouri)
John Diver House and Storebuilding (Portage County, Ohio)
John Dwan Office Building (Lake County, Minnesota)
Law Office of John Dwan, Now Serving as a Museum
John Evans House (New Castle County, Delaware)
John G. Kerr Company (St. Joseph County, Indiana)
John Griffith Store Building (Lake County, Illinois)
John H. Norton and Company Store (Cochise County, Arizona)
John Mundt Building (Minnehaha County, South Dakota)
John Pearson Soda Works (El Dorado County, California)
John Pound Store (Kosciusko County, Indiana)
John R. Nielson Cabin (Sanpete County, Utah)
John R. Taylor Drugstore (Iberia Parish, Louisiana)
John Ramos Sherry House--Depot Saloon (Napa County, California)
John Shary Building (Hidalgo County, Texas)
John Steiner Store (Buffalo County, Wisconsin)
John Street Building No. 170--176 (New York County, New York)
John Tourtellotte Building (Ada County, Idaho)
John Tushek Building (Chicot County, Arkansas)
John W. Coffren House and Store (Prince George's County, Maryland)
John W. Merritt House and Store (Jackson County, Oregon)
John W. Tuthill Lumber Company (Minnehaha County, South Dakota)
John Wanamaker Store (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Johnnie's Bar (Phelps County, Missouri)
Johnson Building (Sampson County, North Carolina)
Johnson Drug Store Building (Sedgwick County, Kansas)
Johnson Switch Building (Washington County, Arkansas)
Building is for sale and appears derelict
Johnson's Grocery Store (Pinal County, Arizona)
Johnstone Building (Washington County, Oklahoma)
Jonas McPhail House and Annie McPhail Store (Sampson County, North Carolina)
Jones Cash Store (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Jones General Store and Esso Station (Pike County, Arkansas)
Jones Motor Company (Bernalillo County, New Mexico)
Jones--Banks--Leigh House (Lowndes County, Mississippi)
Jorgensen's General Store (Brevard County, Florida)
Jose Piscorski Building (Santa Cruz County, Arizona)
Joseph Bosch Building (Houghton County, Michigan)
Joseph Building (Colfax County, New Mexico)
Joseph C. Hays House (Washington County, Maryland)
Joseph Kronser Hotel and Saloon (Outagamie County, Wisconsin)
19th Century wood-frame hotel still operating as a nightclub/saloon
Joseph Loveman & Loeb Department Store (Jefferson County, Alabama)
Joseph Sherwood House and Store (Fremont County, Idaho)
Joseph W. Podmore Building (Honolulu County, Hawaii)
Joseph's Bar and Grill (Guadalupe County, New Mexico)
Joshua Reed Giddings Law Office (Ashtabula County, Ohio)
Josiah Merritt Adobe (Monterey County, California)
Joslin Dry Goods Company Building (Denver County, Colorado)
Journal Building (Kennebec County, Maine)
Journal Building (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Jr. Vivian J., and Company Building (Houghton County, Michigan)
Judge Building (Salt Lake County, Utah)
Judge John William Kyle Law Office (Panola County, Mississippi)
Julian--Drew Building (Pima County, Arizona)
Julius' Bar (New York County, New York)
Kagerise Store and House (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Kahl Building (Scott County, Iowa)
Kahlert Mercantile Store (Todd County, Minnesota)
Kahn's Department Store (Alameda County, California)
Kaiser Lumber Company Office (Eau Claire County, Wisconsin)
Kaiser's (Racine County, Wisconsin)
Art Deco styled, Terra Cotta tiled fašade retail store.
Kaiser's Ice Cream Parlour (Oklahoma County, Oklahoma)
Kaleva Temple (Houghton County, Michigan)
Kalispell Monumental Company (Flathead County, Montana)
Kam Wah Chung Company Building (Grant County, Oregon)
Kamp Store (Calhoun County, Illinois)
Kanehoe Ranch Building (Honolulu County, Hawaii)
Kansas City Live Stock Exchange (Jackson County, Missouri)
Kansas City Southern Railway Building (Jackson County, Missouri)
Kansas City Title and Trust Building (Jackson County, Missouri)
Kappy's Submarine Sandwiches (Orange County, Florida)
Karcher Block (Hughes County, South Dakota)
Karolcik Building (Fayette County, Pennsylvania)
Karrick Block (Salt Lake County, Utah)
Kathy's Diner (Hampshire County, Massachusetts)
Closed since 2013. Interior gutted.
Kauffman House (Grand County, Colorado)
Kaufmann's Department Store Warehouse (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)
Kavanaugh and Shea Building (Woods County, Oklahoma)
Keachi Store (De Soto Parish, Louisiana)
Kearns Building (Salt Lake County, Utah)
Keef--Filley Building (Victoria County, Texas)
Keeline Building (Douglas County, Nebraska)
Kegel's Inn Restaurant (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Old English-style, Tudor Revival edifice which is sheathed with Lannon stone
Keith-O'Brien Building (Salt Lake County, Utah)
Kelley Club (Oklahoma County, Oklahoma)
Kelley--Reppert Motor Company Building (Jackson County, Missouri)