Commercial building

McClellan's General Store (Henry County, Iowa)
McClendon--Abney Hardware Company (Angelina County, Texas)
McClintock Building (Denver County, Colorado)
McClintock Storage Warehouse (San Diego County, California)
McClure House (Fremont County, Colorado)
McClurg Building (Cook County, Illinois)
McConahay Building (Jackson County, Missouri)
McCord--Brady Company (Laramie County, Wyoming)
McCornick Building (Salt Lake County, Utah)
McCrady's Tavern and Long Room (Charleston County, South Carolina)
McCrory Building (Mahoning County, Ohio)
McDonald's Golden Arches (Los Angeles County, California)
McDonald's Golden Arches (San Bernardino County, California)
McDougal Filling Station (Craig County, Oklahoma)
McGill Drug Store (White Pine County, Nevada)
McGraw-Hill Building (New York County, New York)
McHaffey Opera House (Wapello County, Iowa)
McIntyre Building (Salt Lake County, Utah)
McKee-Vimont Row Houses (Bourbon County, Kentucky)
McKeesport National Bank (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)
McKelvey--Higbee Co. Buildings (Mahoning County, Ohio)
McKie-Bass Building (Hays County, Texas)
McLachlen Building (Washington, District of Columbia)
McMakin's Tavern (Spartanburg County, South Carolina)
Historic stagecoach stop in Lyman, SC
McMinn Building (Transylvania County, North Carolina)
McNab Bank Building (Barbour County, Alabama)
McNamar Building (Yamhill County, Oregon)
Mead Bank (Waupaca County, Wisconsin)
A Greek Revival-style, commercial building built in 1862
Meadow River Lumber Building (Greenbrier County, West Virginia)
Mechanic Institute (Oxford County, Maine)
Mechanics Building and Loan Company (Richland County, Ohio)
Mechlins Corner Tavern (Hunterdon County, New Jersey)
Mecklenburg Investment Company Building (Mecklenburg County, North Carolina)
Medical Arts Building (Kent County, Michigan)
Medical Arts Building (Newport News, Virginia)
Medical Arts Building (Garland County, Arkansas)
Medical Arts Building (Hamilton County, Tennessee)
Medical Arts Building (Knox County, Tennessee)
Medical Arts Building (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Medical Centre Building (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Medical Dental Building (Dallas County, Texas)
Medical Dental Building (King County, Washington)
Medico-Dental Building (San Diego County, California)
Meeker's Hardware (Fairfield County, Connecticut)
Meers Mining Camp (Comanche County, Oklahoma)
Meier & Frank Warehouse (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Meier and Frank Building (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Meier and Frank Delivery Depot (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Meier General Store (St. Charles County, Missouri)
Meigs County Bank (Meigs County, Tennessee)
Meiser Drug Store (Scott County, Iowa)
Meisner Bank Building (Buffalo County, Nebraska)
Mel's Drive-In (Los Angeles County, California)
Mellus Newspapers Building (Wayne County, Michigan)
Memphis Merchants Exchange (Shelby County, Tennessee)
Memphis Trust Building (Shelby County, Tennessee)
Mendenhall's Bath House (Rogers County, Oklahoma)
Mentzer Building (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Menz Store (De Kalb County, Illinois)
Best known to recent generations as Menz Food Shop, Stu Menz propriter, 100 plus year old building demolished.
Mercantile Bank Building (Craighead County, Arkansas)
Merchants & Farmers Bank (Desha County, Arkansas)
Merchants and Farmers Bank Building (Chickasaw County, Mississippi)
Merchants and Planters Bank (Monroe County, Arkansas)
Merchants and Planters Bank (Lafourche Parish, Louisiana)
Merchants and Planters Bank Building (Jefferson County, Arkansas)
Merchants Bank Building (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Merchants Bank Building (Volusia County, Florida)
Merchants Bank of Ellis (Ellis County, Kansas)
Merchants Building (Wayne County, Michigan)
Merchants National Bank (Ramsey County, Minnesota)
Merchants National Bank (Winona County, Minnesota)
Merchants National Bank and Annex (Marion County, Indiana)
Merchants National Bank Building (Coal County, Oklahoma)
Merchants National Bank of Sacramento (Sacramento County, California)
Merchants Transfer and Storage (Oklahoma County, Oklahoma)
Merchants' and Drovers' Tavern (Union County, New Jersey)
Merchants' National Bank (Poweshiek County, Iowa)
One of Louis Sullivan's "Jewel Box" banks and one of the best preserved.
Meridian Exchange Bank (Ada County, Idaho)
Mermaid Tavern (New Castle County, Delaware)
Merrero Building (Jackson County, Iowa)
Merrill's Store (Carroll County, Mississippi)
Merrimack County Bank (Merrimack County, New Hampshire)
Merritt Bakery (Beckham County, Oklahoma)
Merry's Dairy Barr (Stark County, Ohio)
Mershon Building (Whitley County, Kentucky)
Meteer Store House (New Castle County, Delaware)
Meteor City (Navajo County, Arizona)
Metropolitan Block (Allen County, Ohio)
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (New York County, New York)
Metropolitan Savings Bank (New York County, New York)
Meyer--Kiser Building (Miami-Dade County, Florida)
Michigan Trust Company Building (Kent County, Michigan)
Mid-Continent Life Building (Oklahoma County, Oklahoma)
Middough Brothers--Insurance Exchange Building (Los Angeles County, California)
Mideke Supply Building (Oklahoma County, Oklahoma)
Midland Savings Building (Denver County, Colorado)
Midpoint Cafe (Oldham County, Texas)
Miguel Fernandez Hide Yard (Cameron County, Texas)
Mikulich General Store (Alger County, Michigan)
Milady's Cleaners Building (Tulsa County, Oklahoma)
Milarkey Building (Umatilla County, Oregon)
Miles City Steam Laundry (Custer County, Montana)
Militia Headquarters Building (Bibb County, Georgia)
Milk Bottle Grocery (Oklahoma County, Oklahoma)
Millbrook Diner (Dutchess County, New York)
Classic 50's O'Mahony diner
Miller Block (Spokane County, Washington)
Miller Brothers Building (Fayette County, Kentucky)
Miller Brothers Department Store (Hamilton County, Tennessee)
Miller's Store (Somerset County, Pennsylvania)
Miller-Davis Law Buildings (McLean County, Illinois)
Miller-Jackson Building (Oklahoma County, Oklahoma)
Millett Opera House (Travis County, Texas)
Milligan Block (Madison County, Alabama)
Millington Bank Building (Tuscola County, Michigan)
Mills Building and Tower (San Francisco County, California)
Millville's First Bank Building (Cumberland County, New Jersey)
Milner Motors (Ouachita Parish, Louisiana)
Milroy State Bank Building (Redwood County, Minnesota)
Milton House (Rock County, Wisconsin)
Milton State Bank (Caswell County, North Carolina)
Milwaukee County Historical Center (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
A two-story, wedge-shaped, monumental stone structure of a neo-classic design erected in 1913.
Milwaukee News Building and Milwaukee Abstract Association Building (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Currently unoccupied, the building is for lease.
Milwaukee--Western Fuel Company Building (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Well preserved Depression Era box with remarkable Art Deco decor with bas relief panels
Minden Wool Warehouse (Douglas County, Nevada)
Mindrup House--Store (St. Charles County, Missouri)
Mine No. 5 Store (Johnson County, Kentucky)
Miner Brothers Store (Webster County, Nebraska)
Miner's Supply Store (Jackson County, Ohio)
Minneapolis Brewing Company Beer Warehouse (Meade County, South Dakota)
Minnesota Block-Board of Trade Bldg. (Douglas County, Wisconsin)
Mint Saloon (Clear Creek County, Colorado)
Miser Station Store (Blount County, Tennessee)
Miss Bellows Falls Diner (Windham County, Vermont)
The only completely intact example in Vermont of a barrel-roofed Worcester Co. product.
Miss Florence Diner (Hampshire County, Massachusetts)
An historic diner in the Florence section of Northampton
Miss Mendon Diner (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Miss Washington Diner (Hartford County, Connecticut)
A classic Kullman diner.
Miss Worcester Diner (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Missoula Laundry Company (Missoula County, Montana)
Missoula Mercantile (Missoula County, Montana)
Missoula Mercantile Warehouse (Missoula County, Montana)
Missouri Pacifc Building (St. Louis, Missouri)
Mitchell Baker Smith Company Building (Fayette County, Kentucky)
Mitchell Building (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Mitla Cafe (San Bernardino County, California)
Mixter Blacksmith Shop (Warren County, New York)
Miz Zip's (Coconino County, Arizona)
Model Laundry (Galveston County, Texas)
Modern Diner (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Modern Diner (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Moeszinger--Marquis Hardware Co. (Clinton County, Iowa)
Hardware vendor repurposed as an office building
Mohart Building (McIntosh County, Oklahoma)
Mohawk Building (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Moir Building (Santa Clara County, California)
Monadnock Block (Cook County, Illinois)
Monarch Diner (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Moncure Tipi (Big Horn County, Montana)
Monroe Bank (Monroe County, Ohio)
Monroe Law Office (Fredericksburg, Virginia)
Monroe State Bank Building (Benton County, Oregon)
Montague and McHugh Building (Whatcom County, Washington)
Montgomery Ward (Missoula County, Montana)
Montgomery Ward & Company (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Montgomery Ward and Company (Alameda County, California)
Montgomery Ward and Company Building (Tarrant County, Texas)
Montgomery Ward Building (Vanderburgh County, Indiana)
Montgomery Ward Building (Bonneville County, Idaho)
Montgomery Ward Building (Mifflin County, Pennsylvania)
Montgomery Ward Building (Pueblo County, Colorado)
Montgomery Ward Building (Marshall County, Indiana)
Montgomery Ward's very first retail store, now serving as a newspaper office
Montgomery Ward Company Complex (Cook County, Illinois)
Monticello Arcade (Norfolk, Virginia)
Montvale Block (Spokane County, Washington)
Moon Block (Webster County, Nebraska)
Moore Grocery Company (Hays County, Texas)
Moore Store (Baldwin County, Alabama)
Moore/Carlew Building (Huntington County, Indiana)
Moran Square Diner (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Moravian Sun Inn (Northampton County, Pennsylvania)
More Automobile Company Building (St. Louis, Missouri)
More Mileage Gas Station (Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana)
Morgan Block (Hampden County, Massachusetts)
Morgan Building (Multnomah County, Oregon)