Commercial building

Congress Building (Miami-Dade County, Florida)
Conklin-Montgomery House (Wayne County, Indiana)
Conner's Bookstore (Vanderburgh County, Indiana)
Conover Building (Montgomery County, Ohio)
Consolidated Building (Richland County, South Carolina)
Consolidated Royalty Building (Natrona County, Wyoming)
Continental Bank Building (Salt Lake County, Utah)
Continental Oil Company (Laramie County, Wyoming)
Continental Oil Company Filling Station (Flathead County, Montana)
Conway Building (Cook County, Illinois)
Cook Blacksmith Shop (Dixon County, Nebraska)
Cook Building (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Cook Station Bank (Crawford County, Missouri)
Cook Station Mercantile (Crawford County, Missouri)
Mercantile for the village of Cook Station
Cook's Hall (Colfax County, New Mexico)
Cooke City Store (Park County, Montana)
Cool Springs (Mohave County, Arizona)
Coors Building (Colfax County, New Mexico)
Coos Bay National Bank Building (Coos County, Oregon)
Copper State Motel (Yavapai County, Arizona)
Corbin Bank Building (Whitley County, Kentucky)
Corbin Building (New York County, New York)
Corby-Forsee Building (Buchanan County, Missouri)
Corlett Building (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Corner Lunch (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Corning Opera House (Adams County, Iowa)
Cornwall Brothers' Store (Jefferson County, New York)
Cornwall General Store (Addison County, Vermont)
Coronado Bank Building (San Diego County, California)
Beaux-Arts bank and commercial building built in 1916
Corstone Sales Company (Angelina County, Texas)
Cory Building (Kay County, Oklahoma)
Cosden Building (Tulsa County, Oklahoma)
Cottage Lawn (Madison County, New York)
Cotton Belt Building (Smith County, Texas)
Cotton Belt Railroad Office Building (Miller County, Arkansas)
Cotton Exchange Building, Old (Nacogdoches County, Texas)
Cotton-Exchange Building (Oklahoma County, Oklahoma)
Cottrill Opera House (Tucker County, West Virginia)
Council Grove National Bank (Morris County, Kansas)
Country Girl Diner (Windham County, Vermont)
Country Tea Room (Kane County, Illinois)
Court Building (Furniture Building) (Vanderburgh County, Indiana)
Courthouse Center (Licking County, Ohio)
Coushatta Bank Building (Red River Parish, Louisiana)
Cousins Bros. Trading Post (McKinley County, New Mexico)
Cowan, McClung and Company Building (Knox County, Tennessee)
Cowley County National Bank Building (Cowley County, Kansas)
Cox Building (Monroe County, New York)
Cox Furniture Store (Alachua County, Florida)
Cox Furniture Warehouse (Alachua County, Florida)
Crain's Wholesale and Retail Store (Breathitt County, Kentucky)
Crane Building (Hamilton County, Tennessee)
Crane Company Building (Cook County, Illinois)
Crane Company Building (Former) (Mecklenburg County, North Carolina)
Crater Lake Lodge (Klamath County, Oregon)
Crawford Building (Shawnee County, Kansas)
Crawford General Store (Fayette County, Tennessee)
Creal Store (Green County, Kentucky)
Creek County Abstract Co. Building (Creek County, Oklahoma)
Crescent Laundry (Smith County, Texas)
Crisp Building (Sarasota County, Florida)
Crittenden Building (Jefferson County, Alabama)
Crittenden County Bank and Trust Company (Crittenden County, Arkansas)
Croissant Park Administration Building (Broward County, Florida)
Croll Building (Alameda County, California)
Crook County Bank Building (Crook County, Oregon)
Crossroads of the World (Los Angeles County, California)
Crossroads Tavern (Albemarle County, Virginia)
Crump and Field Grocery Company (Boyd County, Kentucky)
Cruz Trading Post (Pinal County, Arizona)
Crystal Ice Company Building (Escambia County, Florida)
Cummins & Co. Meloan General Store (Pike County, Missouri)
Cummins Block Building (Lincoln County, Kansas)
Cummins Station (Davidson County, Tennessee)
Cundill Block (Jackson County, Iowa)
Curt Teich and Company Building (Cook County, Illinois)
Curtis Building (Plymouth County, Massachusetts)
Curtis Hardware Store (Delta County, Colorado)
Curtis Supply Building (Washington County, Oklahoma)
Curtiss, Harlow C., Building (Erie County, New York)
Cushing Land Agency Building (Polk County, Wisconsin)
Cushman Tavern (Androscoggin County, Maine)
Customs House (Wayne County, New York)
D. B. Anderson and Company Building (Thomas County, Georgia)
D. C. McDonald Building (Humboldt County, California)
D. H. Anderson Building (Jackson County, Iowa)
D. H. Ewing & Sons Creamery (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
D. S. Tavern (Albemarle County, Virginia)
Dabbs Store (Crittenden County, Arkansas)
Daft Block (Salt Lake County, Utah)
Dagen's Grocery (LaMoure County, North Dakota)
Daily News Building (New York County, New York)
Daily Northwestern Building (Winnebago County, Wisconsin)
Four story Italian Renaissance building in the central business district
Dakota Farmer Building (Brown County, South Dakota)
Dale Building (Vermilion County, Illinois)
Dallas National Bank (Dallas County, Texas)
Dan's Diner (Columbia County, New York)
A restored 1925 O'Mahony classic.
Daniel Gibb & Co. Warehouse (San Francisco County, California)
Daniel Sciumbato Grocery Store (Otero County, Colorado)
Darby House, The (Hopkins County, Kentucky)
Dardeau Building (Evangeline Parish, Louisiana)
Darling Inn (Caledonia County, Vermont)
Dave's Diner (Kennebec County, Maine)
Dave's Texaco (Blaine County, Montana)
Davenport Bank & Trust (Scott County, Iowa)
Beaux Arts bank in downtown Davenport, one of two Davenport banks to survive the Great Depression
Davenport Crematorium (Scott County, Iowa)
David Rothschild's Wholesale Dry Goods (Muscogee County, Georgia)
Davids' Building (Latah County, Idaho)
Davidson Building (Deer Lodge County, Montana)
Davidson Building (Woodbury County, Iowa)
Davies Building (Shawnee County, Kansas)
Davies' Chuck Wagon Diner (Jefferson County, Colorado)
Davis Brothers Store (Yadkin County, North Carolina)
Davis Carriage House (Saginaw County, Michigan)
Davis-Adcock Store (Wake County, North Carolina)
Davis-Exchange Bank Building (Dougherty County, Georgia)
Dawson Building (Bristol County, Massachusetts)
Day And Night Diner (Hampden County, Massachusetts)
Originally open 24 hours, hence the name.
Daylight Building (Whatcom County, Washington)
Dayton Daily News Building (Montgomery County, Ohio)
Dayton Mercantile (Sheridan County, Wyoming)
Dean Eldredge Museum (Coconino County, Arizona)
Dean Motor Company (Pennington County, South Dakota)
Decker Building (New York County, New York)
Deer Creek General Merchandise Store (Grant County, Oklahoma)
Deering Building (Obion County, Tennessee)
DeFord Building (Logan County, Oklahoma)
DeGraff Building (El Paso County, Colorado)
DeJarnette's Tavern (Halifax County, Virginia)
Dekum, The (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Del's Restaurant (Quay County, New Mexico)
Delany Building (St. Louis, Missouri)
Delaware Building (Cook County, Illinois)
Delaware County National Bank (Delaware County, Pennsylvania)
Delaware Trust Building (New Castle County, Delaware)
DeLendrecie's Department Store (Cass County, North Dakota)
Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket (Du Page County, Illinois)
Delmarva Power and Light Building (New Castle County, Delaware)
Delmont State Bank (Douglas County, South Dakota)
DeLong Agricultural Implements Warehouse (Fayette County, Kentucky)
Delta Motel (Franklin County, Missouri)
Delvic Building (St. Louis County, Minnesota)
Dement Printing Company (Lauderdale County, Mississippi)
Democrat Building (Scott County, Iowa)
Denhart Bank Building (Tazewell County, Illinois)
Denver City Cable Railway Building (Denver County, Colorado)
Denver Dry Goods Company Building (Denver County, Colorado)
Depot Business Buildings (Muscogee County, Georgia)
Dering Building (Monongalia County, West Virginia)
Dermon Building (Shelby County, Tennessee)
Dermott Bank & Trust Company Building (Chicot County, Arkansas)
Desenberg Building (Kalamazoo County, Michigan)
Desert Inn (Osceola County, Florida)
Desert Market (San Bernardino County, California)
DeSoto's Salon (Yavapai County, Arizona)
Detroit--Warren Building (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
DeVault Tavern (Washington County, Tennessee)
Devinne Press Building (New York County, New York)
Dew House (Athens County, Ohio)
Dewalt Building (Stark County, Ohio)
Dey Building (Dolores County, Colorado)
Di Lisio's Building (Colfax County, New Mexico)
Diamond Jo Boat Store and Office (Dubuque County, Iowa)
Brick office building in Dubuque's Harbor District
Dick Building (Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania)
Dickens Opera House (Boulder County, Colorado)
Dickey's Octagonal Barbershop (Obion County, Tennessee)
Dickmann Building (St. Louis, Missouri)
Dickson Tavern (Erie County, Pennsylvania)
Die Brucke Building (Walla Walla County, Washington)
Two story brick commercial building built in 1903
Dierks Building (Jackson County, Missouri)
Digel Block (Marion County, Missouri)
Dilger Store (Fairfield County, Ohio)
Dill's Tavern (York County, Pennsylvania)
Dillingham Transportation Building (Honolulu County, Hawaii)
Dime Bank Building (Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania)
Dime Savings and Trust Company (Lehigh County, Pennsylvania)
Diner Grill (Cook County, Illinois)
Diner on 55th (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Dinky Diner (Decatur County, Iowa)
Discovery Saloon (Nome Census Area, Alaska)
Dishes Restaurant (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Originally known as the Aetna Diner, it has been closed since 2000.
Dismuke Storehouse (Sumter County, Georgia)
Dixie Bar (Valencia County, New Mexico)
Dixie Garage (Orange County, Indiana)
Dixie Greyhound Bus Lines Complex (Shelby County, Tennessee)
Dixon Building (Adams County, Mississippi)
Dixon--Duncan Block (Missoula County, Montana)