Evelyn Gill Walker House (Logan County, Arkansas)
Evelynton (Charles City County, Virginia)
Evens--McMullan House (Butler County, Alabama)
Everel S. Smith House (La Porte County, Indiana)
Everett P. Barrett House (Waukesha County, Wisconsin)
French Normandy style single-family residence built with reinforced concrete
Everett--Bradner House (Orange County, New York)
Everette-Gottig-Bilbo House (Pike County, Mississippi)
Evergreen (Prince William County, Virginia)
Evergreen (Anne Arundel County, Maryland)
Evergreen (Prince George County, Virginia)
Evergreen Acres (Madison County, New York)
Evergreen Hamlet (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)
Evergreen House (Baltimore, Maryland)
Evergreen Lands (Dutchess County, New York)
Evergreen on the Falls (Baltimore, Maryland)
Evergreen Plantation (Grenada County, Mississippi)
Evergreen Plantation (St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana)
Evergreen--Callaway--Deyerle House (Franklin County, Virginia)
Everhardt Ranch (Jefferson County, Colorado)
Everit, John, House (Suffolk County, New York)
Everitt P. Stevens House (Johnston County, North Carolina)
Everitt--Cox House (Angelina County, Texas)
Evermay (Washington, District of Columbia)
Everret Jones House (Santa Fe County, New Mexico)
Evert House (Lake County, Illinois)
Evins-Bivings House (Spartanburg County, South Carolina)
Historic home in Spartanburg, SC
Ewing House (Meigs County, Tennessee)
Ewing-Snell Ranch (Carbon County, Montana)
Excelsior (Morehouse Parish, Louisiana)
Exchange, The (Charles County, Maryland)
Executive House (Hendry County, Florida)
Executive Mansion (Sangamon County, Illinois)
Exeter (Loudoun County, Virginia)
Exeter (Caroline County, Maryland)
Eyrich--Kohl House (Maricopa County, Arizona)
Ezekial and Mary Jane Miller House (Harris County, Texas)
Ezekiel Cullen House (San Augustine County, Texas)
Ezikial Perry House (Yates County, New York)
Ezra Abbott House (Steele County, Minnesota)
Ezra Allred Bungalow (Bear Lake County, Idaho)
Ezra Allred Cottage (Bear Lake County, Idaho)
Ezra Glover Jr., House (St. Croix County, Wisconsin)
Ezra Meeker Mansion (Pierce County, Washington)
Ezra T. Phelps Farm Complex (Wayne County, New York)
Ezzell House (Harris County, Texas)
F. A. Benham House (Polk County, Iowa)
F. A. Chadbourn House (Columbia County, Wisconsin)
Spectacular Tudor Revival mansion in a historical neighborhood
F. A. Smith House (Hart County, Kentucky)
F. Arnold Polson House and Polson, Alex, Grounds (Grays Harbor County, Washington)
F. B. Fite House and Servant's Quarters (Muskogee County, Oklahoma)
F. C. Faires House (Collin County, Texas)
F. C. Harper House (Jefferson County, Washington)
F. D. Thomas House (Adams County, Illinois)
F. E. Company Manager's House (Fairbanks North Star Borough, Alaska)
F. F. Beale House (Canyon County, Idaho)
F. F. Dannon House (Wharton County, Texas)
F. H. Crain House (Victoria County, Texas)
F. H. Drinkenberg's First Home (Ravalli County, Montana)
F. H. Hart House (Mitchell County, Kansas)
F. H. Miller House (Scott County, Iowa)
F. H. W. Briggman House (Orangeburg County, South Carolina)
F. J. Raible House (Scott County, Iowa)
F. Jacob Schmidt House (Scott County, Iowa)
F. Julius LeMoyne House (Washington County, Pennsylvania)
F. K. and Mary Austin House (Bell County, Texas)
F. L. Lukins House (Eddy County, New Mexico)
F. L. Spight House (Lee County, Mississippi)
F. M. Norris House (Cerro Gordo County, Iowa)
F. M. Tiller House (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
F. M. Walcott House (Cherry County, Nebraska)
F. R. Adamson House (Ellis County, Texas)
F. R. Jaenke House (Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana)
F. Riley House (Franklin County, Ohio)
F. Scott Fitzgerald House (Ramsey County, Minnesota)
F. T. and Belle Ramsey House (Travis County, Texas)
F. T. Bliss House (Gem County, Idaho)
F. W. Erlich House (Lawrence County, Ohio)
F. W. Lewis House (Midland County, Michigan)
F. W. Schmidt House (Thurston County, Washington)
F. W. Schuerenberg House (Washington County, Texas)
F. W. Wait House (Warren County, New York)
F. X. Rittenmeyer House (Johnson County, Iowa)
F.A. DeCanizares House (Sarasota County, Florida)
F.A. Gilbert House (Richland County, Ohio)
F.E. Haley Double House (Polk County, Iowa)
F.F. Tomek House (Cook County, Illinois)
F.J. Kirchman House (Saunders County, Nebraska)
F.J. Lauerman House (Marinette County, Wisconsin)
F.P. Nelson House (Putnam County, Indiana)
F.W. Meaders House (Pontotoc County, Oklahoma)
F.W. Welborn House (Greenville County, South Carolina)
Historic home in Fountain Inn, SC
Fabrishous and Sarah A. Thomas House (Chariton County, Missouri)
Fabyan Villa (Kane County, Illinois)
Fadum House (Wake County, North Carolina)
Fagley House (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Fain House (Ellis County, Texas)
Fair Lane (Wayne County, Michigan)
Fair Lawn (Putnam County, New York)
Fair Meadows (Harford County, Maryland)
Fair Mount (Winchester, Virginia)
Fair Oaks (Adams County, Mississippi)
Fair Oaks (Loudoun County, Virginia)
Fair Oaks Ranch (Goliad County, Texas)
Fair-Rutherford and Rutherford Houses (Richland County, South Carolina)
Fairbanks House (Norfolk County, Massachusetts)
Fairbanks House (Nassau County, Florida)
Fairbanks-Williams House (Bristol County, Massachusetts)
Fairchild House (Wayne County, Kentucky)
Fairchild House (Onondaga County, New York)
Fairchild Mansion (Otsego County, New York)
Fairelond (Christian County, Kentucky)
Faires--Bell House (Collin County, Texas)
Fairfax (Jefferson County, Tennessee)
Fairfax House (St. Louis County, Missouri)
Fairfax-Moore House (Alexandria, Virginia)
Fairfield (Clarke County, Virginia)
Fairfield Manor (Allen County, Indiana)
Fairfield Plantation (Charleston County, South Carolina)
Fairhaven Plantation House (East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana)
Fairhope Plantation (Perry County, Alabama)
A historic Carpenter Gothic plantation house and historic district, located one mile east of Uniontown, Alabama.
Fairlawn (Fayette County, Kentucky)
Fairlawn (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Fairmont (Maury County, Tennessee)
Fairmount Cottage (Sedgwick County, Kansas)
Fairmount Park (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Fairntosh Plantation (Durham County, North Carolina)
Fairview (Lancaster County, Nebraska)
Fairview (New Castle County, Delaware)
Fairview (New Castle County, Delaware)
Fairview (Mercer County, Kentucky)
Fairview (New Castle County, Delaware)
Fairview (New Castle County, Delaware)
Fairview (Spotsylvania County, Virginia)
Fairview (Mineral County, West Virginia)
Fairview (Amherst County, Virginia)
Fairview Manor (Jefferson County, New York)
Fairview Plantation House (East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana)
Fairvue (Jefferson County, Tennessee)
Fairweather--Trevitt House (Ferry County, Washington)
Falcon Joslin House (Fairbanks North Star Borough, Alaska)
Falconhurst (Warren County, Tennessee)
Fales, David G., House (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Falkland (Prince Edward County, Virginia)
Fall Hill (Spotsylvania County, Virginia)
Falley Home (Tippecanoe County, Indiana)
Falling Spring Presbyterian Church Manse (Rockbridge County, Virginia)
Falling Spring-Morgan's Grove (Jefferson County, West Virginia)
Fallingwater (Fayette County, Pennsylvania)
Fallon Cottage Annex (Essex County, New York)
Falls-Hobbs House (Iredell County, North Carolina)
Fannie Moss Miller House (Travis County, Texas)
Fannie Riche House (Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana)
Fannie Thompson House (Augusta County, Virginia)
Fannie Willis Johnson House (Warren County, Mississippi)
Fannin--Trutti--Handley Place (Troup County, Georgia)
Farish-Lambeth House (Lee County, North Carolina)
Farley (Culpeper County, Virginia)
Farm Content (Carroll County, Maryland)
Farm House (Bastrop County, Texas)
Farm House (Champaign County, Illinois)
Farm No. 266-Johnny Cash Boyhood Home (Mississippi County, Arkansas)
Farm, The (Franklin County, Virginia)
Farmer House (Amelia County, Virginia)
Farmer's Delight (Loudoun County, Virginia)
Farmer, Kimball, House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Farmfield Plantation House (Charleston County, South Carolina)
Farmington (Albemarle County, Virginia)
Farmington (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
Farmington (King and Queen County, Virginia)
Farmville Plantation (Iredell County, North Carolina)
Farnley (Clarke County, Virginia)
Farnsley-Moremen House (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
Farnsworth Homestead (Knox County, Maine)
Farnsworth House (Kendall County, Illinois)
Farnsworth House (Cumberland County, Maine)
Farnsworth, Samuel, House (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Farnum House (Litchfield County, Connecticut)
Farnum, Coronet John, House (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Farnum, Edwin H., House (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Farnum, Moses, House (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Farnum, R., House (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Farnum, William and Mary, House (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Farquhar, Samuel, House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Farr House (Hughes County, South Dakota)
Farrand--Pierson House (Tioga County, New York)
Farrar Homeplace (Bedford County, Tennessee)
Farrar House (Turner County, South Dakota)
Farrar House (Ellis County, Texas)
Farrar, Samuel, House (Penobscot County, Maine)
Farrell House (Pulaski County, Arkansas)
Farrell House (Pulaski County, Arkansas)
Farrell House (Pulaski County, Arkansas)
Farrell House (Pulaski County, Arkansas)
Farrier, Amasa, House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Farris and Evelyn Langley House (Faulkner County, Arkansas)
Farwell, Corban C., Homestead (Cheshire County, New Hampshire)
Farwell, R.H., House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Fashion Shop and Stephen Porcella House (Marin County, California)
Fasnacloich (Cheshire County, New Hampshire)