Henry Seawell Brown and Mary Jane English Farmstead (McDowell County, North Carolina)
Henry Sensel Building (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Henry Sherry House (Winnebago County, Wisconsin)
Henry Shoemaker Farmhouse (Frederick County, Maryland)
Henry Shrader House (Victoria County, Texas)
Henry Shull Farmhouse Inn (De Kalb County, Indiana)
Henry Smith House (Custer County, Idaho)
Henry Spencer Smith House (Winnebago County, Wisconsin)
Henry Stevenson House (Scott County, Kentucky)
Henry Stoker House and Outbuildings (Bear Lake County, Idaho)
Henry Stuart House (Baldwin County, Alabama)
Henry Stussi House (Washington County, Minnesota)
Henry T. Botsford House (Greene County, New York)
Henry T. Fowler House (Jackson County, Missouri)
Henry Taubman House (Jackson County, Iowa)
Henry Tousley House (Cass County, Indiana)
Henry Turner House and Caldwell-Turner Mill Site (Iredell County, North Carolina)
Henry Van Deman House (Delaware County, Ohio)
Henry Van Hoevenberg Jr., House (Jackson County, Oregon)
Henry W. Baker House (Wayne County, Michigan)
Henry W. Breyer Sr., House (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Henry W. Calmes House (Clark County, Kentucky)
Henry W. Grady House (Clarke County, Georgia)
Henry W. Livingston House (Columbia County, New York)
Henry W. Merriam House (Sussex County, New Jersey)
Henry W. Smith House (Howard County, Indiana)
Henry Wallace House (Polk County, Iowa)
Henry Walter House (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Henry Watt House (Fayette County, Kentucky)
Henry Weaver House (Los Angeles County, California)
Henry Webber House--Pioneer Park (Pitkin County, Colorado)
Henry Weis House (Black Hawk County, Iowa)
Colonial Revival Style Mansion now a bed & breakfast
Henry Whitfield House (New Haven County, Connecticut)
Henry Willis House (Mitchell County, North Carolina)
Henry Wishard House (Davis County, Iowa)
Henry Zabriskie House (Bergen County, New Jersey)
Henry's Grove (Worcester County, Maryland)
Henry--Thompson House (Benton County, Arkansas)
Henry-Jordan House (Marshall County, Alabama)
Henry-Martinson House (Brookings County, South Dakota)
Henry-Remsen House (Albany County, New York)
Henry-Vernon House (Person County, North Carolina)
Henshie--Briggs Row House (Polk County, Iowa)
Hensley Settlement (Bell County, Kentucky)
Hensley--Gusman House (Matagorda County, Texas)
Henson Hunt House (Carter County, Tennessee)
Hequembourg House (Miami-Dade County, Florida)
Herber Price Bungalow (Bear Lake County, Idaho)
Herbert & Eliza Steele House (Scott County, Kansas)
Herbert A. and Bettie E. Cress House (Johnson County, Missouri)
Herbert A. Jacobs House (Dane County, Wisconsin)
Generally considered to be the first of Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian homes.
Herbert and Edith Crissey House (Mesa County, Colorado)
Herbert and Elizabeth Malarkey House (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Herbert and Katherine Jacobs Second House (Dane County, Wisconsin)
The second home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for Herbert and Katherine Jacobs
Herbert and Katherine Smith House (Josephine County, Oregon)
Herbert H. Dow House (Midland County, Michigan)
Herbert Hoeltz House (Waukesha County, Wisconsin)
Herbert House (Hampton, Virginia)
Herbert Jacobs Second House (Dane County, Wisconsin)
Herbert M. Fox House (Sherburne County, Minnesota)
Herbert Nienstedt House (Washington County, Texas)
Herbert S. Blair House (Crawford County, Ohio)
Herbert Williams House (Pierce County, Washington)
Herbring House (Wasco County, Oregon)
Italianate style brick & cast iron two story town house built in 1890
Heriot-Moise House (Sumter County, South Carolina)
Heritage House (Riverside County, California)
Herkimer County Historical Society (Herkimer County, New York)
Herkimer House (Herkimer County, New York)
Herman Albert Cook House (Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana)
Herman and Allene Shaver House (Jones County, Georgia)
Herman and Alvina Zahn House (Victoria County, Texas)
Herman and Hannah Anderson House (Rosebud County, Montana)
Herman August Meyer House (Tucker County, West Virginia)
Historic Home in Davis, WV
Herman B. and Anne Marie Dahle House (Dane County, Wisconsin)
Herman B. Foster House (Johnson County, Kansas)
Herman C. Timm House (Calumet County, Wisconsin)
A beautiful example of a stick style Queen Anne home, added on to an original Greek Revival design home.
Herman Coors House (Jefferson County, Colorado)
Herman Engels House (Erie County, Ohio)
Herman Green House (Wake County, North Carolina)
Herman Haar House (Cole County, Missouri)
Herman Haas House (Washington County, Idaho)
Herman J. and Ella B. Voigts House (Johnson County, Kansas)
Herman Kemna House (Lewis and Clark County, Montana)
Herman L. Humphrey House (St. Croix County, Wisconsin)
Herman Luce Cabin (Lake County, South Dakota)
Herman M. and Hanna Hediger House (Clark County, Wisconsin)
A Swiss Chalet designed by Swiss born Herman M. Hediger
Herman McIntire House (Norfolk County, Massachusetts)
Herman Melville House (Berkshire County, Massachusetts)
Herman Melville House (Rensselaer County, New York)
Herman Ojala Homestead (Valley County, Idaho)
Herman Rau House (Iron County, Michigan)
Herman Roehm House (Wayne County, Michigan)
Herman Simon House (Northampton County, Pennsylvania)
Herman Strasburg House (Wayne County, Michigan)
Herman Uihlein House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Renaissance Revival and Beaux-Arts mansion built of Bedford limestone quarried in Indiana
Herman Vetter House (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Herman W. Buemming House (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Hermann-Grima House (Orleans Parish, Louisiana)
Hermione (Madison Parish, Louisiana)
Hermitage (Los Angeles County, California)
Hermitage (Ascension Parish, Louisiana)
Hermitage, The (Virginia Beach, Virginia)
Hermitage, The (Davidson County, Tennessee)
Hermitage, The (Bergen County, New Jersey)
Hermitage, The (New Castle County, Delaware)
Hermitage, The (Halifax County, North Carolina)
Hermitage, The (Oldham County, Kentucky)
Hermitage, The (Charles County, Maryland)
Hermon Camp House (Tompkins County, New York)
Herndon Home (Fulton County, Georgia)
Herndon Terrace (Union County, South Carolina)
Historic home in Union, SC
Herr-Rudy Family Houses (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
Herrick Cobblestone (Winnebago County, Illinois)
Herrick, Ella Proctor, House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Herried House (Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Alaska)
Herring House (Lenoir County, North Carolina)
Herriott House (Johnson County, Indiana)
Hersey--Duncan House (New Castle County, Delaware)
Hershey House (Tippecanoe County, Indiana)
Hershkind House (Dutchess County, New York)
Hervey Allen Study (Miami-Dade County, Florida)
Heslep House (Richland County, South Carolina)
Hesse (Mathews County, Virginia)
Hester--Lenz House (Saline County, Arkansas)
Hetebrink House (Orange County, California)
Heublein Tower (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Steel and concrete tower atop Talcott Mountain.
Hewes House (Iberia Parish, Louisiana)
Hewick (Middlesex County, Virginia)
Hewitt House (Grafton County, New Hampshire)
Hewlett House (Suffolk County, New York)
Hewson Cox House (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Hewson-Gutting House (Hamilton County, Ohio)
Hexagon House (Winchester, Virginia)
Heyman--Stewart House (East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana)
Heyne-Zimmerman House (Franklin County, Ohio)
Heyward-Washington House (Charleston County, South Carolina)
Heywood, Phineas, House (Hancock County, Maine)
Hezekiah Alexander House (Mecklenburg County, North Carolina)
Hezekiah Dunham House (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Hezekiah Kizer House (Blount County, Tennessee)
Hezekiah W. and Sarah E. Fishell Cobb House (Shiawassee County, Michigan)
Hiatt House (Maricopa County, Arizona)
Hibbard, Benjamin, Residence (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Hibbard, Enoch, House and Grannis, George, House (New Haven County, Connecticut)
Hibben House (Charleston County, South Carolina)
Details on marker
Hibbettage, The (Davidson County, Tennessee)
Hibernia House (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Hickey--Osborne Block (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Hicklin Hearthstone (Lafayette County, Missouri)
Hickman Blacksmith Shop and House (New Castle County, Delaware)
Hickman House (Ouachita County, Arkansas)
Hickman Row (New Castle County, Delaware)
Hickory Grove (Hampshire County, West Virginia)
Historic home SE of Romney, WV
Hickory Hill (Rockbridge County, Virginia)
Hickory Hill (Hanover County, Virginia)
Hickory Hill (McDuffie County, Georgia)
Hickory Hill (Columbia County, New York)
Hickory Hill (Martin County, North Carolina)
Hickory Hill (Hardy County, West Virginia)
Hickory Sticks (Lowndes County, Mississippi)
Hicks House (Sonoma County, California)
Hicks, Joseph, House (Newport County, Rhode Island)
Hicks, William House (Barren County, Kentucky)
Hicks-Dugan-Deener House (White County, Arkansas)
Hidden Houses (Clark County, Washington)
Hidden Valley (Bath County, Virginia)
Hiddenhurst (Dutchess County, New York)
Higby House (Ross County, Ohio)
Higgins, Aldus Chapin, House (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Higgins, Jedediah, House (Barnstable County, Massachusetts)
Higgins-Hodgeman House (Bristol County, Massachusetts)
Higginson, Col. Thomas Wentworth, House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Higginson, Henry, House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
High Banks (Frederick County, Virginia)
High Gate (Marion County, West Virginia)
High House (Delaware County, Ohio)
High House (Lamar County, Texas)
High Meadows (Albemarle County, Virginia)
High Point (Fairfield County, South Carolina)
Early 19th century home near Jenkinsville, SC
Highfield (Owen County, Kentucky)
Highfields (Unspecified county, New Jersey)
Highfill--McClure House (Greene County, Arkansas)
Highland (West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana)
Highland Lodge (Frederick County, Maryland)
Highland--Camrose Bungalow Village (Los Angeles County, California)
Highlands (Henry County, Kentucky)
Highlands, The (Washington, District of Columbia)
Highlands, The (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Highseas (Hancock County, Maine)
Hightower Hall (York County, South Carolina)
Historic home near Brattonsville, SC
Hikes Family Houses (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
Hikes-Hunsinger House (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
Hil'ardin/Sharp-Hardin-Wright House (Monroe County, Georgia)
Hilaire Lancon House (St. Mary Parish, Louisiana)
Hilario Lopez House (Bernalillo County, New Mexico)
Hilda Erickson House (Tooele County, Utah)
Hildebrande Ranch (Jefferson County, Colorado)