House at 931 Caledonia Street (Silver Bow County, Montana)
House at 931 Prince (San Miguel County, New Mexico)
House at 933 12th (San Miguel County, New Mexico)
House at 94 Grandview Avenue (Norfolk County, Massachusetts)
House at 943 1/2 Cortlandt Street (Harris County, Texas)
House at 95 Chestnut Street (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
House at 97 Adriatic Avenue (Hillsborough County, Florida)
House at 97 Warren Place (Essex County, New Jersey)
House at New Forge (Columbia County, New York)
House at No. 13 Grove Street (Livingston County, New York)
House at No. 176 South Main Street (Livingston County, New York)
House at No. 30 at Murray Street (Livingston County, New York)
House at No. 48 Grove Street (Livingston County, New York)
House at No. 8 State Street (Livingston County, New York)
House at North Lehmberg Avenue (Pinal County, Arizona)
House at Pireus (Charlottesville, Virginia)
House at Springdell (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
House at Upper Laurel Iron Works (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
House by the "Town Gates" (Anne Arundel County, Maryland)
House by the Side of the Road (Belknap County, New Hampshire)
House of David Recording Studio Complex (Davidson County, Tennessee)
House Of Four Pillars (Lucas County, Ohio)
House of Four Winds (Monterey County, California)
Adobe house built ca.1835
House of Miller at Millbach (Lebanon County, Pennsylvania)
House on Ellicott's Hill (Adams County, Mississippi)
House on Huron Ave. (Erie County, Ohio)
House on KY 1492 (Trimble County, Kentucky)
House on Labor-in-Vain Road (Essex County, Massachusetts)
House on Old Mill Creek Road (Clarke County, Mississippi)
House on Railroad Avenue (Carbon County, Montana)
House that Lives, The (Essex County, New Jersey)
House Tm-B-7 (Trimble County, Kentucky)
House Tm-M-27 (Trimble County, Kentucky)
House Tm-M-28 (Trimble County, Kentucky)
Houseman, Peter, House (Richmond County, New York)
Houser House (Obion County, Tennessee)
Houses at 1026-1028 Fifth Ave. (New York County, New York)
Houses at 120 and 122 East 92nd Street (New York County, New York)
Houses at 146--156 East 89th Street (New York County, New York)
Houses At 16--22 East Lee Street (Washington County, Maryland)
Houses at 1907--1951 N. 32nd St. (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Houses at 2000-2018 Delancey Street (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Houses at 208-218 East 78th Street (New York County, New York)
Houses at 216-264 Ovington Ave. (Kings County, New York)
Houses at 2501-2531 Charles Street (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)
Houses at 26, 28 and 30 Jones Street (New York County, New York)
Houses at 311 and 313 East 58th Street (New York County, New York)
Houses at 364 and 390 Van Duzer Street (Richmond County, New York)
Houses at 406 and 408 Heard (Collin County, Texas)
Houses at 437-459 West 24th Street (New York County, New York)
Houses at 703 and 704 Austin (Bastrop County, Texas)
Houses at 76--96 Harvard Avenue (Norfolk County, Massachusetts)
Houses at 83 and 85 Sullivan Street (New York County, New York)
Houses at 838-862 Brightridge Street (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)
Houston House (Hamilton County, Ohio)
Houston House (Phelps County, Missouri)
Houtz House (Flathead County, Montana)
Houx-Hoefer-Rehkop House (Lafayette County, Missouri)
Hovander Homestead (Whatcom County, Washington)
Hovey--Winn House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
How Houses (Cumberland County, Maine)
How, Daniel, House (Cumberland County, Maine)
How, James and Fanny, House (Erie County, New York)
Howard A. Hall House (Lane County, Oregon)
Howard and Lucy Linn House (Lake County, Illinois)
Howard Ball House (Midland County, Michigan)
Howard Hanson House (Saunders County, Nebraska)
Howard Home (Clark County, Indiana)
Howard Homestead (Schenectady County, New York)
Howard House (Anderson County, Texas)
Howard J. Sherman House (Tulsa County, Oklahoma)
Howard K. Weber House (Sangamon County, Illinois)
Howard Longley House (Los Angeles County, California)
Howard M. Hanna Jr., House (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Howard Mansion and Carriage House (Dutchess County, New York)
Howard Thurman House (Volusia County, Florida)
Howard Walker House (Angelina County, Texas)
Howard's Inheritance (Anne Arundel County, Maryland)
Howard's Neck Plantation (Goochland County, Virginia)
Howard--Bell--Feather House (Montgomery County, Virginia)
Howard--Hardy House (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
Howard-Gettys House (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
Howard-Royal House (Sampson County, North Carolina)
Howay--Dykstra House (Yakima County, Washington)
Howd, Eliphalet, House (New Haven County, Connecticut)
Howd--Linsley House (New Haven County, Connecticut)
Howe House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Howe, John I., House (New Haven County, Connecticut)
Howe, Samuel Gridley and Julia Ward, House (Suffolk County, Massachusetts)
Howe--Quimby House (Merrimack County, New Hampshire)
Howe-Waffle House and Carriage House (Orange County, California)
Howell Homeplace (Edgecombe County, North Carolina)
Howell House (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Howell House (San Diego County, California)
Howell J. Davis House (Daviess County, Kentucky)
Howell, Edgar W., House (Erie County, New York)
Howell--Kohlhagen House (Douglas County, Oregon)
Howell-Butler House (Sampson County, North Carolina)
Howell-Theurer House (Cache County, Utah)
Howells, William Dean, House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Hower Mansion (Summit County, Ohio)
Hower-Slote House (Northumberland County, Pennsylvania)
Howey House (Lake County, Florida)
Hows-Madden House (Davidson County, Tennessee)
Howson House (Jefferson County, Arkansas)
Hoxie, Timothy, House (Suffolk County, Massachusetts)
Hoxsie, John, House (Washington County, Rhode Island)
Hoyle House (Gaston County, North Carolina)
Hoyt House (Sanders County, Montana)
Hoyt Sherman Place (Polk County, Iowa)
Hoyt, Benjamin, House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Hoyt--Scott House (Mendocino County, California)
Hoyt-Barnum House (Fairfield County, Connecticut)
Hoyt-Shedd Estate (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Hubbard Bungalow (Lewis County, Washington)
Hubbard House (Kings County, New York)
Hubbard House (Putnam County, Florida)
Hubbard House (Davidson County, Tennessee)
Hubbard House (McLean County, Illinois)
Hubbard Williams House (Bourbon County, Kentucky)
Hubbard, Nehemiah, House (Middlesex County, Connecticut)
Hubbard, Thomas Russell, House (Hillsborough County, New Hampshire)
Hubbard--Dawson House (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Hubbard--Kesby House (Oakland County, Michigan)
Hubbard-Trigg House (Bastrop County, Texas)
Hubbard-Upson House (Sacramento County, California)
Hubbell Duplex (Potter County, Texas)
Hubbs House (Mohave County, Arizona)
Hubecky House (St. Louis County, Missouri)
Hubert Bond Owens House (Clarke County, Georgia)
Hubert H. Bancroft Ranchhouse (San Diego County, California)
Hudson House (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Hudson House (Jefferson County, Arkansas)
Hudson House (Bernalillo County, New Mexico)
Hudson House (Boone County, Kentucky)
Hudson House (Wasco County, Oregon)
Italianate style two story house built in 1890
Hudson Wilson House (Rice County, Minnesota)
Hudson-Grace-Borreson House (Jefferson County, Arkansas)
Hudson-Jones House (Clark County, Arkansas)
Hudson-Nash House and Cemetery (Gwinnett County, Georgia)
Huey P. Long House (Caddo Parish, Louisiana)
Huey P. Long House (Caddo Parish, Louisiana)
Huey P. Long Mansion (Orleans Parish, Louisiana)
Huff Jones House (Oconto County, Wisconsin)
Huff-Lamberton House (Winona County, Minnesota)
Italinate mansion divided into apartments
Huffman House (Craig County, Virginia)
Hufft House (Panola County, Mississippi)
Hugh Aiken House (Greenville County, South Carolina)
Hugh and Susie Goff House (Jerome County, Idaho)
Hugh Bright Douglas House (Lincoln County, Tennessee)
Hugh Campbell House (Hamilton County, Ohio)
Hugh Fields House (Linn County, Oregon)
Hugh Glenn House (Wasco County, Oregon)
Hugh H. Brown House (Nye County, Nevada)
Hugh H. Richard House (Jackson County, Michigan)
Hugh Henry House (Okmulgee County, Oklahoma)
Hugh L. King House (Cleburne County, Arkansas)
Hugh Laird House (Maricopa County, Arizona)
Hugh Laughlin House (Fayette County, Pennsylvania)
Hugh M. McAdoo House (Humphreys County, Tennessee)
Hugh T. Rinehart House (Auglaize County, Ohio)
Hugh Talley House (Graham County, Arizona)
Hugh Wilson Hill House (Pickens County, Alabama)
Hughes House (Greene County, Pennsylvania)
Hughes House (Jessamine County, Kentucky)
Hughes House (Boone County, Kentucky)
Hughes House (Bossier Parish, Louisiana)
Hughes Manor (Butler County, Ohio)
Hughes, Thomas H., House (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Hughes--Clark House (Jefferson County, Mississippi)
Hughes-Cunningham House (Berkeley County, West Virginia)
Hughson Mansion (Albany County, New York)
Hugo Black House (Clay County, Alabama)
Hugo Black House
Hugo Miller House (Santa Cruz County, Arizona)
Hugo Rothschild House (San Francisco County, California)
Two story Italianate style wood frame house built in 1880
Hugo V. Neuhaus Jr. House (Harris County, Texas)
Huguenot House (New Castle County, Delaware)
Huhn--Harrison House (Cape Girardeau County, Missouri)
Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens (Cowlitz County, Washington)
Hulihee Palace (Hawaii County, Hawaii)
Hull House (Cook County, Illinois)
Hull House (Victoria County, Texas)
Hull Place (Licking County, Ohio)
Hull-Hawkins House (Suwannee County, Florida)
Hull-Wolcott House (Lucas County, Ohio)
Hulse--Daughters House (Riley County, Kansas)
Humason--Pinkerton House (Angelina County, Texas)
Humberger House (Summit County, Ohio)
Humboldt Pracht House (Jackson County, Oregon)
Hume House (Muskegon County, Michigan)