Lake-Bell House (Washington County, Arkansas)
Lake-Little House (Jefferson County, Washington)
Lake-Peterson House (Winnebago County, Illinois)
Lakeport Plantation (Chicot County, Arkansas)
Lakeside (Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana)
Lakeside Development (Chittenden County, Vermont)
Lakeview House (Carson City, Nevada)
Lakewood (Tensas Parish, Louisiana)
Lamar--Calder House (Fort Bend County, Texas)
Lamb Homestead (New London County, Connecticut)
Lamb--McSwain House (Pulaski County, Arkansas)
Lamb--Stephens House (Williamson County, Tennessee)
Lamb-Ferebee House (Camden County, North Carolina)
Lamberson-Markley Houses (Coshocton County, Ohio)
Lambert House (St. James Parish, Louisiana)
Lambert House (Drew County, Arkansas)
Lambert Tevoet House (Scott County, Iowa)
Lambert, David, House (Fairfield County, Connecticut)
Lambert, Thomas, House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Lambert-Parent House (Darke County, Ohio)
Lamberton Cabin (Benton County, Arkansas)
Lamerton House (Garfield County, Oklahoma)
Lamorandier-Prudhomme-Jackson House (St. Landry Parish, Louisiana)
Lampert--Wildflower House (Boone County, Illinois)
Lampkin-Owens House (Oktibbeha County, Mississippi)
Lamprey, Reuben, Homestead (Rockingham County, New Hampshire)
Lampson P. Sherman House (Polk County, Iowa)
Lampton House (Clark County, Kentucky)
Lampton--Thompson--Bourne House (Marion County, Mississippi)
Lamson, Newton, House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Lancaster House (Ravalli County, Montana)
Lance House (St. Louis County, Missouri)
Lancelot C. Ewbank House (Parke County, Indiana)
Land of Clover (Suffolk County, New York)
Land's End (Perquimans County, North Carolina)
Land's End Plantation (De Soto Parish, Louisiana)
Land's End Plantation (Pulaski County, Arkansas)
Lander--Hopkins House (Victoria County, Texas)
Landergin-Harrington House (Potter County, Texas)
Landis Homestead (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Landis Valley Museum (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Landmark Inn Complex (Medina County, Texas)
Landon Rich House (Bear Lake County, Idaho)
Landon, Samuel, House (Suffolk County, New York)
Landrum (Barren County, Kentucky)
Landry Plantation House (Vermilion Parish, Louisiana)
Lands End (Gloucester County, Virginia)
Landsberger--Gerhardt House (Rutherford County, Tennessee)
Landsford Plantation House (Chester County, South Carolina)
Landt Building (Hamilton County, Ohio)
Landward House (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
Lane Cottage (Essex County, New York)
Lane House (Franklin County, Pennsylvania)
Lane House (Walker County, Georgia)
Lane Plantation House (East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana)
Lane, Anthony, House (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Lane, Deacon Samuel and Jabez, Homestead (Rockingham County, New Hampshire)
Lane, Edward H., House (Grafton County, New Hampshire)
Lane, Fitz Henry, House (Essex County, Massachusetts)
In Capt. Solomon Jacobs Park
Lane--Kendrick--Sherling House (Butler County, Alabama)
Lane--Riley House (Williamson County, Texas)
Lane--Tarkington House (Victoria County, Texas)
Lane-Bennett House (Wake County, North Carolina)
Lane-Hooven House (Butler County, Ohio)
Lane-Towers House (Duval County, Florida)
Lang-Hess House (Ohio County, West Virginia)
Langdon Estate Gatehouse (Dutchess County, New York)
Langdon House (Hamilton County, Ohio)
Langdon, Gov. John, Mansion (Rockingham County, New Hampshire)
Langhorne House (Danville, Virginia)
Langley Park (Prince George's County, Maryland)
Langston-Daniel House (Oglethorpe County, Georgia)
Langstroth Cottage (Butler County, Ohio)
Langworthy House (Dubuque County, Iowa)
Brick home built in Orson Fowler's octagon style
Lanier House (Pike County, Mississippi)
Lanier Mansion (Jefferson County, Indiana)
Lanier, James F. D., Residence (New York County, New York)
Lankford House (Somerset County, Maryland)
Lanneau-Norwood House (Greenville County, South Carolina)
Lanphear--Mitchell House (Atchison County, Kansas)
Lanphere--Pratt House (Branch County, Michigan)
Lansdown (Hunterdon County, New Jersey)
Lansdown--Higgins, House (Cole County, Missouri)
Lansdowne (Middlesex County, Virginia)
Lansdowne (Adams County, Mississippi)
Lansdowne (Queen Anne's County, Maryland)
Lansdowne House (Darke County, Ohio)
Lansing Manor House (Schoharie County, New York)
Lansing T. Smith House (Calhoun County, Alabama)
Lanterman House (Los Angeles County, California)
Lantz--Zeigler House (Washington County, Maryland)
LaPage H. Raddon House (Summit County, Utah)
Lapham-Patterson House (Thomas County, Georgia)
Lapp Log House (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
LaQuinta (Washington County, Oklahoma)
Larchmont (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Larchmound (Richland County, Illinois)
Largey Flats (Silver Bow County, Montana)
Larkin House (Monterey County, California)
Larkin's Hundred (Anne Arundel County, Maryland)
Larkin--Rice House (Rockingham County, New Hampshire)
Larnerd Case House (Polk County, Iowa)
LaRochelle, Napoleon, Two-Family House (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Larom Cottage (Franklin County, New York)
Larom--Welles Cottage (Essex County, New York)
Larrabee House (Whatcom County, Washington)
Larrabee's Point Complex (Addison County, Vermont)
Larrowe House (Steuben County, New York)
Lars and Agnes Jensen House (Utah County, Utah)
Lars and Christina Olsen House (Utah County, Utah)
Lars and Guri Endreson House (Kandiyohi County, Minnesota)
Lars Geertson House (Lemhi County, Idaho)
Lars J. Fiksdal House (Day County, South Dakota)
Lars Peter Larson House (Emery County, Utah)
Lars Rudi House (Renville County, Minnesota)
Lars S. Andersen House (Sanpete County, Utah)
Larsen Family House (Mendocino County, California)
Larsen-Noyes House (Sanpete County, Utah)
Larson's Hunters Resort (Traverse County, Minnesota)
Larson--Hellieson House (Yakima County, Washington)
Larson-Simonson House (Yankton County, South Dakota)
Larue-Layman House (Hardin County, Kentucky)
Larz Anderson House (Washington, District of Columbia)
Las Acequias (Santa Fe County, New Mexico)
Las Casitas Court (Los Angeles County, California)
Las Flores Adobe (San Diego County, California)
LaSalla House (Boulder County, Colorado)
LaSells D. Stewart House (Lane County, Oregon)
Lasher-Davis House (Montgomery County, New York)
Lasker Home for Homeless Children (Galveston County, Texas)
Lasource-Durand House (Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri)
Lassiter House (Bibb County, Georgia)
Lassiter House (Autauga County, Alabama)
A historic residence in Autaugaville, Alabama.
Latham Bungalow (Bear Lake County, Idaho)
Latham House (Washington County, North Carolina)
Latham-Baker House (Guilford County, North Carolina)
Lathrop Russell Charter House (Doddridge County, West Virginia)
Lathrop, Dr. Joshua, House (New London County, Connecticut)
Lathrop-Mathewson-Ross House (New London County, Connecticut)
Lathrop-Munn Cobblestone House (Rock County, Wisconsin)
Latimer Cabin (Bay County, Florida)
LaTourette House (Richmond County, New York)
Latta House (Mecklenburg County, North Carolina)
Latta House (Dyer County, Tennessee)
Lattice Cottage (Cheshire County, New Hampshire)
Lattimer House (White County, Arkansas)
Lauderdale (Botetourt County, Virginia)
Laura Ingalls Wilder House (Wright County, Missouri)
Laura M Welch House (Minnehaha County, South Dakota)
Laura Plantation (St. James Parish, Louisiana)
Laura Watson House (Sumter County, Alabama)
Laura Westphal House (Jackson County, Mississippi)
Laurance Thomas Van Buskirk House (Bergen County, New Jersey)
Laurel (New Castle County, Delaware)
Laurel Hill (West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana)
Laurel Meadow (Richmond, Virginia)
Laurel Mill and Col. Jordan Jones House (Franklin County, North Carolina)
Laurel Valley Sugar Plantation (Lafourche Parish, Louisiana)
Laurelhurst Manor Apartments (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Laurietta (Jefferson County, Mississippi)
Lauritsen Cabin (Kenai Peninsula Borough, Alaska)
Lauritz H. and Emma Smith House (Salt Lake County, Utah)
Lauritz Smith House (Salt Lake County, Utah)
Lavalle House (Escambia County, Florida)
Lavender House (Palm Beach County, Florida)
Laverty-Martindale House (La Crosse County, Wisconsin)
Lawn, The (Howard County, Maryland)
Lawndale Farm Complex (Pickaway County, Ohio)
Lawrence (Sussex County, Delaware)
Lawrence A. and Mary Fournier House (Hennepin County, Minnesota)
Lawrence and Lydia Weaver House (Spokane County, Washington)
Lawrence Andrew Young Cottage (Mackinac County, Michigan)
Lawrence Brown House (Polk County, Florida)
Lawrence D. Bailey House (Clackamas County, Oregon)
Lawrence House (Victoria County, Texas)
Lawrence Kearny House (Middlesex County, New Jersey)
Lawrence Mansion (Sussex County, New Jersey)
Lawrence Smith House (Carter County, Missouri)
Lawrence, Phineas, House (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Lawrence, William, House (Bristol County, Massachusetts)
Lawrie House (Crittenden County, Arkansas)
Laws--Jarvis House (White County, Arkansas)
Lawson D. Franklin House (Jefferson County, Tennessee)
Lawson's Pond Plantation (Berkeley County, South Carolina)
Lawton Place (Habersham County, Georgia)
Lawton, Miles B., House (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Lay-Bozka House (Lavaca County, Texas)
Lay-Pritchett House (Middlesex County, Connecticut)
Layton House (Montgomery County, Maryland)
Le Petit Trianon (Santa Clara County, California)
Le Vega Clements House (Daviess County, Kentucky)
Leach, Philip, House (Kennebec County, Maine)
Leader--Rosansky House (Toombs County, Georgia)
Leadfield (Inyo County, California)
Leak-Chaffin-Browder House (Stokes County, North Carolina)
Leale House (San Francisco County, California)
Italianate style house built by 1860
Leander Campbell House (Hendricks County, Indiana)