Industrial building

Gilbert Clock Factory (Litchfield County, Connecticut)
Gilman Block (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Demolished in 2004 to make way for Worcester District Court
Glidden Mercantile (Carbon County, Montana)
Globe Iron Works Building (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Globe Tobacco Building (Wayne County, Michigan)
Gloucester Net and Twine Company (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Goldberg Building (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Golden Brothers, Founders and Machinsts (Muscogee County, Georgia)
Goodall Building (Boyle County, Kentucky)
Goodenow Textiles Company Building (Jackson County, Missouri)
Goodlett Gin (Hempstead County, Arkansas)
Goodrich Blacksmith Shop (Rock County, Wisconsin)
Goodyear Airdock (Summit County, Ohio)
Govatos'/McVey Building (New Castle County, Delaware)
Graham and Laird, Schober and Mitchell Factories (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Grand Rapids Cycle Company Factory (Kent County, Michigan)
Grandview Herald Building (Yakima County, Washington)
Granite Mill No. 2 (Bristol County, Massachusetts)
Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (Fulton County, Georgia)
Great Northern Implement Company (Hennepin County, Minnesota)
Greystone Cellars (Napa County, California)
Greystone Mill Historic District (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Grossman Paper Box Company (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Gruber Wagon Works (Berks County, Pennsylvania)
Gruen Watch Company--Time Hill (Hamilton County, Ohio)
Grundy Mill Complex (Bucks County, Pennsylvania)
Guignard Brick Works (Lexington County, South Carolina)
Gulf Oil Pumping Station (Tulsa County, Oklahoma)
Gustav Meese Building (Spokane County, Washington)
Guttenberg Corn Canning Co. (Clayton County, Iowa)
H. Black and Company Building (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
H. M. Van Deusen Whip Company (Hampden County, Massachusetts)
H.D. Lee Company Complex (Saline County, Kansas)
H.J. Heinz Company (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)
Haas Building (St. Louis, Missouri)
Haas Candy Factory (San Francisco County, California)
Hamilton--Brown Shoe Company Building (Cooper County, Missouri)
Hamilton--Brown Shoe Factory (St. Louis, Missouri)
Hamilton--Brown Shoe Factory (Boone County, Missouri)
Hammond Organ Factory (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Hanes Hosiery Mill-Ivy Avenue Plant (Forsyth County, North Carolina)
Hanger Cotton Gin (Pulaski County, Arkansas)
Hannah Pickett Mill No. 1 (Richmond County, North Carolina)
Hannibal Lime Company Office (Marion County, Missouri)
Hans Peter Nielson Gristmill (Wayne County, Utah)
Hanson Machinery Company (Seneca County, Ohio)
Harbour-Longmire Building (Oklahoma County, Oklahoma)
Hargraves Mill No. 1 (Bristol County, Massachusetts)
Harlan and Hollingsworth Office Building (New Castle County, Delaware)
Harley--Davidson Motorcycle Factory Building (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
World Headquarters of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Harmony Mill No. 3 (Albany County, New York)
Harper-Cosgrave Block (Muskingum County, Ohio)
Harrington Machine Shop (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Harris Building (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Harris Wagon and Carriage Shop (Jackson County, Iowa)
Hartley-Rose Belting Company Building (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)
Hasker and Marcuse Factory (Richmond, Virginia)
Hastings Foundry-Star Iron Works (Dakota County, Minnesota)
Haverhill Board of Trade Building (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Haw Creek Leather Company (Bartholomew County, Indiana)
Henderson Manufacturing Company (Henry County, Georgia)
Henry B. Friedman Tobacco Warehouse (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Henry House (Brown County, Wisconsin)
Henry Vogt Machine Company Shop (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
Herpel Brothers Foundry and Machine Shop (Jefferson County, Pennsylvania)
Hesse Carriage Company Building (Jackson County, Missouri)
Heywood Chair Factory (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Heywood-Wakefield Company Complex (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
High Point Bending and Chair Company, Former (Chatham County, North Carolina)
Hill's Sawmill (Wayne County, Pennsylvania)
Hinde & Dauch Paper Co. (Erie County, Ohio)
Hinde & Dauch Paper Co. (Erie County, Ohio)
Holden--Leonard Mill Complex (Bennington County, Vermont)
Holly Street Livery Stable (Los Angeles County, California)
Home Woolen Company (New Haven County, Connecticut)
Horton Gristmill (Franklin County, New York)
Howard's Gristmill (Clackamas County, Oregon)
Howell and Brothers Paper Hangings Manufactory (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Hoyt Shoe Factory (Hillsborough County, New Hampshire)
Hurwood Company (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Hussey Plow Company Building (York County, Maine)
Illinois Envelope Co. Building (Kalamazoo County, Michigan)
Imperial Glass Company (Belmont County, Ohio)
Imperial Tobacco Company Building (Marion County, South Carolina)
Indiana Oxygen Company (Marion County, Indiana)
Industrial Building (Baltimore, Maryland)
Inter-State Grocer Company Building (Jasper County, Missouri)
International Shoe Company Building (Franklin County, Missouri)
Intervale Factory (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Iowa Canning Company Seed House Building (Benton County, Iowa)
Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on March 12, 2012 (12000094)
Iowa Malleable Iron Company (Jefferson County, Iowa)
Irene Mill Finishing Plant (Cherokee County, South Carolina)
Historic textile mill building in Gaffney, SC
Irvine Blacksmith Shop (Orange County, California)
J. C. Lore Oyster House (Calvert County, Maryland)
J. K. Orr Shoe Company (Fulton County, Georgia)
J. P. Luther Company Glove Factory (Green Lake County, Wisconsin)
J. P. Smith Shoe Company Plant (Cook County, Illinois)
J. V. Reed and Company (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
J.E. King Manufacturing Company (Greene County, Missouri)
J.F. Budd Baby Shoe Factory (Burlington County, New Jersey)
J.H. Peterson Machine Shop (Multnomah County, Oregon)
J.W. Taylor House (Lincoln County, South Dakota)
Jack Daniel Distillery (Moore County, Tennessee)
Jackson Koehler Eagle Brewery (Erie County, Pennsylvania)
Jacob L. Frey Tobacco Warehouse (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Jacob Spears Distillery (Bourbon County, Kentucky)
Jacobson House and Mill Site (Burnett County, Wisconsin)
Former mill converted to private residence
James Boyter Shop (Beaver County, Utah)
James Bute Company Warehouse (Harris County, Texas)
Jantzen Knitting Mills Company Building (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Jens Hansen Wagon and Carriage Shop (Waupaca County, Wisconsin)
Former wagon works repurposed for modern use
Jensen-Salsbery Laboratories (Jackson County, Missouri)
Jerome Cooperative Creamery (Jerome County, Idaho)
Jett Marble Works (Baker County, Oregon)
Jewel Tea Company, Inc. (Lake County, Illinois)
Joel E. Harrell Son (Suffolk, Virginia)
John Balzer Wagon Works Complex (Sheboygan County, Wisconsin)
John Brimmer Tobacco Warehouse (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
John E. Mitchell Company Plant (Dallas County, Texas)
John Glaser Pottery Factory (Franklin County, Missouri)
John H. Kurth and Company Office Building (Columbia County, Wisconsin)
John Weisert Tobacco Company (St. Louis, Missouri)
Johnson Manufacturing Company (Berkshire County, Massachusetts)
Johnson's Creamery (Monroe County, Indiana)
Johnston Building (Baltimore, Maryland)
Jones Brothers Granite Shed (Washington County, Vermont)
Joplin Supply Company (Jasper County, Missouri)
Jordan Brewery Ruins (Scott County, Minnesota)
Joseph Knoble Brewery (Sebastian County, Arkansas)
Joseph Schlitz Company Brewery Complex (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Campus of buildings that comprised what was once the largest brewery in America
Joseph Sykes Brothers Company Building (Mecklenburg County, North Carolina)
Joseph Wall Gristmill (Sevier County, Utah)
Joshua Twing Gristmill (Washington County, Vermont)
Joubert and White Building (Warren County, New York)
Jugtown Pottery (Moore County, North Carolina)
Julian and Kokenge Company (Franklin County, Ohio)
Julius Sturgis Pretzel House (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Jung Carriage Factory (Sheboygan County, Wisconsin)
Richardsonian Romanesque style manufacturing facility now retail and office space
Jung Shoe Manufacturing Company Factory (Sheboygan County, Wisconsin)
Former shoe manufacturing facility converted to apartment building
Kaatz Icehouse (Fairfield County, Connecticut)
Demolished in 1978
Kappel Wagon Works (Goodhue County, Minnesota)
Kazon Building (Rutland County, Vermont)
Keep Klean Building (Sedgwick County, Kansas)
Kendall, Dr. B. J., Company (Franklin County, Vermont)
Kennedy, F. A., Steam Bakery (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
First produced the Fig Newton
Kennedy-Worthington Blocks (Hampden County, Massachusetts)
Kentucky Wagon Works (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
Keuffel and Esser Manufacturing Complex (Hudson County, New Jersey)
Kimball Brothers Shoe Factory (Hillsborough County, New Hampshire)
King Trunk Factory and Showroom (Miami-Dade County, Florida)
Kirstein Building (Monroe County, New York)
Kitzmeyer Furniture Factory (Carson City, Nevada)
Klots Throwing Company Mill (Allegany County, Maryland)
Silk mill
Klotz Confectionery Company (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
Knies Blacksmith Shop (Franklin County, Tennessee)
Knight's Foundry and Shops (Amador County, California)
Knowlton Hat Factory (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Kohler Company Factory Complex (Sheboygan County, Wisconsin)
Krank Manufacturing Company (Ramsey County, Minnesota)
Kraus Corset Factory (New Haven County, Connecticut)
Krause Building--Otto Moser's Cafe (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Kregel Wind Mill Company (Otoe County, Nebraska)
Kreider Shoe Manufacturing Company (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Kreissle Forge (Manatee County, Florida)
Krippendorf-Dittman Company (Hamilton County, Ohio)
Krug Iron Works (Baltimore, Maryland)
L & A Baking Company (Minnehaha County, South Dakota)
L. Frank & Son Building (Baltimore, Maryland)
L. G. Sherman Tobacco Warehouse (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
L. Puster and Company Furniture Manufactory (Vanderburgh County, Indiana)
L.N. Gross Company Building (Portage County, Ohio)
La Luz Pottery Factory (Otero County, New Mexico)
Lake Street Sash and Door Company (Hennepin County, Minnesota)
Lambert Building (St. Louis, Missouri)
Lancaster Cotton Oil Company (Lancaster County, South Carolina)