Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Berry Hill (House)   [Map]
SW of Berry Hill, Berry Hill, Virginia
Bill's Diner (Commercial building)   [Map · Street View]
1 Depot St., Chatham, Virginia
Also known as: A Streetcar Named Desire
Blairs, Virginia (Populated place)   [Map]

Briarfield, Virginia (Placename)   [Map]

Burnett's Diner (Commercial building)   [Map]
19 S. Main St., Chatham, Virginia
Also known as: Main Street Lunch, S&K Diner, Chtham Cafe, VDHR File No. 187-00
Callands, Virginia (Populated place)   [Map]

Chatham Historic District (District)   [Map]
Main, Payne, Pruden, Reid, Whittle Sts.; Lanier Ave., Court Place; Gilmer Dr., Chatham, Virginia
Clerk's Office (Building)   [Map]
Main St., Chatham, Virginia
Also known as: Old Clerk's Office
Dan River, Virginia (Placename)   [Map]

Dan's Hill (House)   [Map]
4 mi. (6.4 km) W of Danville, Danville, Virginia
Dry Fork, Virginia (Populated place)   [Map]

Flint Hill, Virginia (Populated place)   [Map]

Hill Grove School (School)   [Map]
2580 Wards rd., Hurt, Virginia
Also known as: VDHR file no.071-5187
Keeling, Virginia (Populated place)   [Map]

Little Cherrystone (House)   [Map]
N of jct. of Rtes. 703 and 832, Chatham, Virginia
Locust Hill (House)   [Map]
7408 Ward's Rd., Hurt, Virginia
Also known as: 071-5153
Markham, Virginia (Populated place)   [Map]

Mountain View (House)   [Map]
2 mi. S of Chatham on VA 703, Chatham, Virginia
Newton, Virginia (Placename)   [Map]

North Danville Historic District (District)   [Map · Street View]
Roughly bounded by Riverside Dr., Claiborne St., Leemont Cemetery, Novle Ave., and Scales St., Danville, Virginia
Pittsylvania County Courthouse (Courthouse)   [Map]
US 29, Chatham, Virginia
Powell, Virginia (Placename)   [Map]

Soapstone, Virginia (Populated place)   [Map]

Vandola, Virginia (Populated place)   [Map]

Whiteoak, Virginia (Placename)   [Map]

Woodlawn (Cemetery)   [Map]
5321 Henrys Mill Rd., Vernon Hill, Virginia
Also known as: Woodlawn Plantation, 071-0037
Woodlawn, Virginia (Populated place)   [Map]

Yates Tavern (House)   [Map]
S of Gretna on U.S. 29, Gretna, Virginia