Roanoke, Virginia

American Viscose Plant Historic District (District)   [Map · Street View]
Roughly 9th St. SE, Industry Ave. SE, River Ave. SE, and Progressive Dr. SE, Roanoke, Virginia
Apartment Building on Windsor Avenue & Brunswick St. (Residential building)   [Map · Street View]
2049 Windsor Ave. SW, Roanoke, Virginia
Belmont Historic District (District)   [Map · Street View]
Albemarle, Bullitt, Elm, Jamison, Dale, Campbell, Cedar Bluff, Church, Highland, Mountain, Stewart, Tazewell & White Aves. SE, 4th-11th Sts. SE, Roanoke, Virginia
Belmont Methodist-Episcopal Church (Church)   [Map · Street View]
806 Jamison Ave., SE, Roanoke, Virginia
Also known as: Metropolitan Community Church of the Blue Ridge
Boxley Building (Commercial building)   [Map · Street View]
416 Jefferson St. SW, Roanoke, Virginia
Boxley-Sprinkle House (House)   [Map · Street View]
2611 Crystal Spring Ave., Roanoke, Virginia
Buena Vista (House)   [Map · Street View]
Penmar Ave. and 9th St., Roanoke, Virginia
Burrell Memorial Hospital (Building)   [Map · Street View]
611 McDowell St., Roanoke, Virginia
Also known as: BRBH Burrell Center
Campbell Avenue Complex (Cemetery)   [Map · Street View]
118--128 Campbell Ave., SW., Roanoke, Virginia
Also known as: Trinkle Buildings
Carlin's Amoco Station (Commercial building)   [Map · Street View]
1721 Williamson Rd. NE, Roanoke, Virginia
City of Roanoke Fire Station No. 5 (Fire station)   [Map · Street View]
216 12th St. NW, Roanoke, Virginia
Colonial National Bank (Bank)   [Map · Street View]
202-208 Jefferson St., Roanoke, Virginia
Also known as: Colonial American National Bank-Colonial Arms
Crystal Spring Steam Pumping Station (Waterworks)   [Map · Street View]
2016 Lake St., SE, Roanoke, Virginia
Also known as: Crystal Spring, Great Spring
Fire Station No. 1 (Fire station)   [Map · Street View]
13 E. Church Ave., Roanoke, Virginia
First National Bank (Bank)   [Map · Street View]
101 S. Jefferson St., Roanoke, Virginia
Also known as: People's Federal Building, Liberty Trust Co.
Gainsboro Branch of the Roanoke City Public Library (Library)   [Map · Street View]
15 Patton Ave., NW, Roanoke, Virginia
Also known as: Gainsboro Library
Gainsboro Historic District (District)   [Map · Street View]
Bounded by Wells, Centre, 1st St. Bridge and Gilmer, Commonwealth, N. Jefferson and 2nd., Patton, Harrison etc., Roanoke, Virginia
Grandin Road Commercial Historic District (District)   [Map · Street View]
Grandin Rd. SW, and Memorial Ave., Roanoke, Virginia
Also known as: 128-5785
Grandin Theater (Theater)   [Map · Street View]
1308-1312 Grandin Road. SW, Roanoke, Virginia
H.L. Lawson & Son Warehouse (Commercial building)   [Map · Street View]
631 Campbell Ave. SE., Roanoke, Virginia
Harrison School (School)   [Map · Street View]
523 Harrison Ave., NW, Roanoke, Virginia
Henry Street Historic District (District)   [Map · Street View]
100 blk. of Henry St. NW, Roanoke, Virginia
Also known as: VDHR # 128-5764
Hotel Roanoke (Hotel)   [Map · Street View]
110 Shenandoah Ave., Roanoke, Virginia
Huntingdon (House)   [Map]
320 Huntingdon Blvd., Roanoke, Virginia
Meadowview, Virginia (Populated place)   [Map · Street View]

Melrose-Rugby Historic District (District)   [Map · Street View]
Mercer, Grayson, & Carroll Aves., NW., Rugby Blvd., NW., 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th & 14th Sts., NW., Roanoke, Virginia
Mount Moriah Baptist Church And Cemetery (Church)   [Map · Street View]
3521 E. Orange Ave., Roanoke, Virginia
Mountain View (House)   [Map · Street View]
714 13th St., SW, Roanoke, Virginia
Also known as: Fishburn House
N&W #611 (Railroad vehicle)   [Map · Street View]
Famous steam engine waits to steam again... maybe...
Norfolk & Western Railway Freight Station (Railroad depot)   [Map · Street View]
303 Norfolk Avenue SW, Roanoke, Virginia
Also known as: Virginia Museum of Transportation
Norfolk and Western Railway Company Historic District (District)   [Map · Street View]
88 and 108 Jefferson St. NW, and 209 Shenandoah Ave., Roanoke, Virginia
Norwood, Virginia (Populated place)   [Map · Street View]

Patrick Henry Hotel (Hotel)   [Map · Street View]
617 Jefferson St. S., Roanoke, Virginia
Riverland Historic District (District)   [Map · Street View]
Laurel Street, Primrose Street, Whitman Street, Riverland Road, Ivy Street, Walnut Avenue, Arbutus Avenue, Roanoke, Virginia
Roanoke Apartments (Residential building)   [Map · Street View]
1402 Maiden Ln., Roanoke, Virginia
Also known as: Terrace Apartments
Roanoke City Firehouse No. 6 (Fire station)   [Map · Street View]
1015 Jamison Ave., SE., Roanoke, Virginia
Roanoke City Health Center (Building)   [Map · Street View]
515 8th St., SW., Roanoke, Virginia
Roanoke City Market Historic District (District)   [Map · Street View]
Roughly bounded by Williamson Rd., Norfolk Ave., S. Jefferson St., and Church Ave., Roanoke, Virginia
Also known as: City Market District
Roanoke Downtown Historic District (District)   [Map · Street View]
Roughly bounded by 3rd St., Norfolk Ave., Jefferson St., and Bullitt Ave., Roanoke, Virginia
Roanoke River and Railroad Historic District (District)   [Map · Street View]
Albemarle Avenue, SE; Fourth Street, SE; Jefferson Street, SE; Walnut Avenue, SE; Williamson Road, SE, Roanoke, Virginia
Roanoke Star (Structure)   [Map · Street View]
Mill Mountain, Roanoke, Virginia
Also known as: Mill Mountain Star, 128-0352
Roanoke Warehouse Historic District (District)   [Map · Street View]
109-133 Norfolk Ave., SW, Roanoke, Virginia
Rugby, Virginia (Populated place)   [Map · Street View]

Salem Avenue-Roanoke Automotive Commercial Historic District (District)   [Map · Street View]
Generally Salem Ave., Rorer Ave., Campbel Ave., bet. 3rd and 6th Sts., Roanoke, Virginia
Southwest Historic District (District)   [Map · Street View]
Roughly bounded by Salem Ave., Jefferson St., Roanoke River and 20th St., Roanoke, Virginia
St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Church (Church)   [Map · Street View]
631 N. Jefferson St., Roanoke, Virginia
St. John's Episcopal Church (Church)   [Map · Street View]
Jct. of Jefferson St. and Elm Ave., SW corner, Roanoke, Virginia
Strand Theater (Theater)   [Map · Street View]
109 Henry Street, Roanoke, Virginia
Also known as: Claude Moore Educational Center
Tayloe Rogers House (House)   [Map]
1542 Electric Road SW, Roanoke, Virginia
The Coffee Pot (Building)   [Map · Street View]
2902 Brambleton Ave., SW, Roanoke, Virginia
Also known as: Joe's Ranch House Restaurant
The Little Chef Restaurant (Commercial building)   [Map · Street View]
1307 Williamson Road, Roanoke, VA
Virginia Can Company-S.H. Heironimus Warehouse (Industrial building)   [Map · Street View]
315 Albemarle SE, Roanoke, Virginia
Virginian Railway Passenger Station (Railroad depot)   [Map · Street View]
1402 Jefferson St. SE, Roanoke, Virginia
Wasena Historic District (District)   [Map · Street View]
Wiley Dr., Winchester, Winona, Wasena, Howbert, Valley, Hamilton, Kerns, Floyd & Summit Aves., Brighton Rd., Roanoke, Virginia
Westland, Virginia (Populated place)   [Map · Street View]

Westwood, Virginia (Populated place)   [Map · Street View]