Eau Claire County, Wisconsin

A. L. Kenyon House (House)   [Map]
333 Garfield Ave., Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Also known as: Kenyon-Larson House
Addison Cutter House (House)   [Map]
Queen Anne House with Classical Greek Revival Features
Adin Randall House (House)   [Map]
White frame house that belonged to one of Eau Claire's founding fathers
Anderson, Brady and Waldermar Ager House (House)   [Map]
514 W. Madison St., Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Also known as: Waldemar Ager Museum
Borton, Einar and Alice, House (House)   [Map]
One of four Westchester Deluxe Two-bedroom Lustron houses built in Eau Claire
California Wine and Liquor Store (Commercial building)   [Map]
201 Farmers St., Fairchild, Wisconsin
Also known as: Craftsmans Guild Emporium
Cameron-Drummond-Slagsvold Building (Commercial building)   [Map]
Romanesque Revival Commercial Building
Also known as: Chippewa Valley Bank Building, Barnes Block
Carson Park Baseball Stadium (Stadium)   [Map]
May be the oldest WPA baseball stadium in continuous use
Chippewa Valley Railroad (Railroad line)   [Map]
1/2 mile loop of track supporting a 1/4 scale recreational railroad
Christ Church Cathedral and Parish House (Church)   [Map]
Late Gothic Revival Cathedral
Christine Eichert House (House)   [Map]
527 N. Barstow St., Eau Claire, Wisconsin
City Hall (City hall)   [Map]
203 S. Farwell St., Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Clarence Chamberlin House (House)   [Map]
322 W. Grand Ave., Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Cobblestone House (House)   [Map]
A fine example of cobblestone construction
Also known as: Joel B Roberts House, Uecke House
Community House, First Congregational Church (Church)   [Map]
310 Broadway, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Also known as: Community House,First Congregational United Church of Christ
Confluence Commercial Historic District (District)   [Map]
2-28 S Barstow; 206-316 Eau Claire & 8 S Farwell Sts., Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Cornelius L. Webster House (House)   [Map]
An L-shaped, single-story, brick structure
David Drummond House (House)   [Map]
1310 State St., Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Dells Mill (Mill)   [Map]
19th Century Mill closed in 1968 but undergoing restoration to operational status
Delos Moon, Jr. House (House)   [Map]
Large Colonial Revival house surrounded by a spacious lawn and wrought iron fence
Also known as: Nicole Lasker and Erik Ringsrud House
Dr. Nels Werner House (House)   [Map]
Georgian Revival Style house
Drummond Business Block (Commercial building)   [Map]
409-417 Galloway St., Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Eau Claire High School (School)   [Map]
Former high school now serving as the district administration building
Also known as: Eau Claire Area School District Administration Building
Eau Claire Masonic Temple (Meeting hall)   [Map]
Former Masonic Hall now serving retail and other purposes
Eau Claire Park Company Addition Historic District (District)   [Map]
Roosevelt, McKinley, and Garfield bet. park Ave. and State St., Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Eau Claire Public Library (City hall)   [Map]
Beaux Arts Carnegie Library converted to city hall offices in 1978
Emery Street Bungalow District (District)   [Map]
A neighborhood a bungalows of varying styles
First Methodist Episcopal Church (Church)   [Map]
1 of 5 Neo-Gothic Revival buildings built in Eau Claire between 1911 and 1920
Also known as: Immanuel Lutheran Church, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Hall
George F. Winslow House (House)   [Map]
210 Oakwood Pl., Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Also known as: Winslow-Arnold-Griffen House, Martin and Julie Stromberger House
Gilbert Gikling House (House)   [Map]
421 Talmadge St., Eau Claire, Wisconsin
James Barber House (House)   [Map]
132 Marston Ave., Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Also known as: Anton and Rae Schilling-Smets House
Jane E. Putnam Memorial Chapel (Building)   [Map]
Chapel part of Forest Hill Cemetery
John Johnson Saloon (Building)   [Map]
"Boomtown" style building constructed after the 1882 Water Street Fire
Also known as: Butterfly Exchange
John S. Owen House (House)   [Map]
Mansion converted to apartments in 1948
Also known as: John S. and Cora Owen House
Kaiser Lumber Company Office (Commercial building)   [Map]
1004 Menomonie St., Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Kline's Department Store (Commercial building)   [Map]
A (demolished) fine example of Commercial Period Gothic architecture from the 1920's
Also known as: Ferings Interiors Ltd.
Levi Merrill House (House)   [Map]
Fourth oldest house in Eau Claire
Also known as: Jeffrey L. Riebe House
Martin Van Buren Barron House (House)   [Map]
The third oldest house in Eau Claire
Also known as: Roland Krause House
McGrath Block (Commercial building)   [Map]
130 South Barstow Street, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Oak Grove, Wisconsin (Placename)   [Map]
Gone With the Wind
Oatman Filling Station (Commercial building)   [Map]
House style filling station, popular in the 1930, operated until 1996
Orlando Brice House (House)   [Map]
Stately Georgian Revival residence
Also known as: Dr. and Mrs. Steven C. Immerman House
Ottawa House (Commercial building)   [Map]
Early "Boomtown" style commercial building
Owen Park Bandshell (Structure)   [Map]
The name says it all
Also known as: Donald "Sage" Boyd Bandshell
Pioneer Block (Commercial building)   [Map]
401-409 Water St., Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Randall Park Historic District (District)   [Map]
Predominantly late nineteenth century neighborhood of churches and homes of Queen Anne, Colonial Revival and Bungalow designs
Roy Wilcox House (House)   [Map]
Another fine example of Georgian Revival design in the neighborhood
Also known as: Dr. George and Natalia Ripeckyj House
Sacred Heart Church (Church)   [Map]
Distinctive Catholic Church on a bluff overlooking Eau Claire
Saint Edward's Chapel (Church)   [Map]
Chapel that was initiated in 1889 but converted to a private residence in the 1920s
Also known as: Michelle Johnsted Residence
Schlegelmilch-McDaniel House (House)   [Map]
Long time residence of the Schlegelmilch family descendants, given to the city to be a mueum
Also known as: Chippewa Valley Museum
Schofield Hall (School)   [Map]
105 Garfield Ave., Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Second Ward School (School)   [Map]
Former school repurposed as an apartment building
Also known as: Boyd Elementary School
Soo Line #2719 (Railroad vehicle)   [Map]
Soo Line Pacific Locomotive Relocated to Duluth, Minnesota
St. Joseph's Chapel (Church)   [Map]
Gothic Revival chapel on the grounds of Sacred Heart Cemetery
St. Patrick's Church (Church)   [Map]
Romanesque/Gothic design brick structure and the oldest church building in Eau Claire
St. Paul Chicago Minneapolis & Omaha Railroad Depot (Railroad depot)   [Map]
324 Putnam Ave., Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Also known as: Chicago & Northwestern Railroad Depot
Steven House (House)   [Map]
606 Second Ave., Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Also known as: Steven-Brisiel House
Sumner Moon House (House)   [Map]
Georgian Revival House with a commanding view of a hill now serving as apartments
Also known as: Moon Apartments
Temple of Free Masonry (Meeting hall)   [Map]
616 Graham Ave., Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Third Ward Historic District (District)   [Map]
Roughly bounded by Chippewa River, Park Pl., Gilbert Ave., and Farwell St., Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Union Auto Company (Commercial building)   [Map]
20th Century Commercial Architecture, Building used in auto business until 1977
Also known as: Acoustic Cafe
Union National Bank (Bank)   [Map]
Limestone bank building from the Art Deco era and style
Also known as: First Wisconsin Bank, Firstar Bank, US Bank
US Post Office and Courthouse (Courthouse)   [Map]
Classical Revival style United States Post Office and Courthouse
Also known as: Federal Building and US Courthouse
Walter-Heins House (House)   [Map]
605 N. Barstow St., Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Also known as: John Walter House, Robert Nelson House
Water Street Historic District (District)   [Map]
402-436 & 401-421 Water St., Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Also known as: Jim's Pizza
William and Tilla Schwahn House (House)   [Map]
A fine example of Georgian Revival design
Also known as: Stephen & Sally Ronstrom House
William K. Galloway House (House)   [Map]
213 Oakwood Place, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Also known as: John F. Kappus House