Iowa County, Wisconsin

Cassidy Farmhouse (House)   [Map]
Off WI K N of US 18/151, Barneveld, Wisconsin
David J. and Maggie Jones House (House)   [Map]
201 E. Swayne St., Dodgeville, Wisconsin
Dodge Mining Camp Cabin (House)   [Map]
205 E. Fountain St., Dodgeville, Wisconsin
Dodgeville Lime Kiln (Structure)   [Map]
Lime Kiln along Highway 191
Grandview (Work of art)   [Map]
A sculpture garden created by Nick and Katherine Englebert from 1937 through the 1950s.
Also known as: Nick Englebert's Grandview
Grove Street Historic District (District)   [Map]
304--316 Grove St., Barneveld, Wisconsin
Harris House (House)   [Map]
202 W. Wood St., Barneveld, Wisconsin
Hyde Chapel (Church)   [Map]
1 mi. S of CTH H on CTH T, Ridgeway, Wisconsin
Also known as: Mill Creek Church, Union Congregational Church
Ihm House (House)   [Map]
203 N. Garfield St., Barneveld, Wisconsin
Iowa County Courthouse (Courthouse)   [Map]
SW corner of Iowa and Chapel Sts., Dodgeville, Wisconsin
Iowa Street Historic District (District)   [Map]
Roughly, Iowa St. from Division St. to Diagonal St., Dodgeville, Wisconsin
Kittleson House (House)   [Map]
104 W. Wood St., Barneveld, Wisconsin
Linden High School (School)   [Map]
Old Linden High School is no more, all that is left is a sign and a sidewalk.
Linden Methodist Church (Church)   [Map · Street View]
Main and Church Sts., Linden, Wisconsin
Also known as: Methodist Episcopal Church
Mineral Point Hill (Mine)   [Map]
Roughly bounded by WI 23, Copper, Dodge, and Shake Rag Sts., Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Mineral Point Historic District (District)   [Map]
Roughly bounded by Ross, Shake Rag, 9th, and Bend Sts., Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Old Military Road Historical Marker (Historic marker)   [Map]
One of several state markers along the Old Military Road
Old Rock School (School)   [Map]
914 Bequette St., Dodgeville, Wisconsin
Pendarvis (House)   [Map]
114 Shake Rag St., Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Plum Grove Primitive Methodist Church (Church)   [Map]
Co. Rd. BB, 0.7 mi. S of jct. with US 18/151, Ridgeway, Wisconsin
Roberts House (House)   [Map]
302 Front St., Barneveld, Wisconsin
Roethlisberger House (House)   [Map]
205 N. Grove St., Barneveld, Wisconsin
Shot Tower (Tower)   [Map]
SE of Spring Green in Tower Hill State Park, Spring Green, Wisconsin
Spensley Farm (Farm)   [Map]
1126 WI QQ, E of jct. with WI 39, Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Taliesin (School)   [Map]
2 mi. S of Spring Green on WI 23, Spring Green, Wisconsin
Thomas Stone Barn (Barn)   [Map]
7777 WI 18-151, Brigham, Wisconsin
Unity Chapel (Church)   [Map]
S of Spring Green off WI 23, Spring Green, Wisconsin
William Henry Brisbane House (House)   [Map]
Reimann Rd., .6 mi. S of US 14, Arena, Wisconsin
Also known as: Stone House Farm, The Thudium Place
Wyoming Valley School (School)   [Map · Street View]
6306 WI 23, Wyoming, Wisconsin
Also known as: Wyoming Valley Elementary School, Wyoming Valley School Cultural Arts Center