La Crosse County, Wisconsin

10th and Cass Streets Neighborhood Historic District (District)   [Map]
Eclectic collection of 31 homes in La Crosse
Bridge No. 1 (Bridge)   [Map]
First of six bridges on McGilvray Road
Bridge No. 2 (Bridge)   [Map]
Second of six bridges on McGilvray Road
Bridge No. 3 (Bridge)   [Map]
Third of six bridges on McGilvray Road
Bridge No. 4 (Bridge)   [Map]
Fourth of six bridges on McGilvray Road
Bridge No. 5 (Bridge)   [Map]
Riveted Warren pony truss relocated here in 1996 from Pierce County, Wisconsin
Bridge No. 6 (Bridge)   [Map]
Sixth of six bridges on McGilvray Road
Carl August Mundstock Farm (Farm)   [Map]
US 14/61, N side, E of jct. with WI 35, Shelby, Wisconsin
Cass and King Street Residential Historic District (District)   [Map]
A collection of 219 of the finest Prairie Style and Queen Anne in La Crosse
CB&Q 4-6-4 Hudson Steam Locomotive (Railroad vehicle)   [Map]
One of five extant CB&Q Hudson locomotives, on display in La Crosse
Also known as: Aeolus, Keeper of the Winds
Chambers--Markle Farmstead (Farm)   [Map]
6104 WI 35, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Also known as: Stelzig Property
Chicago, Milwaukee and Saint Paul Railway Passenger Depot (Railroad depot)   [Map]
Brick, former Milwaukee Road passenger depot now in passenger service for Amtrak
Also known as: Milwaukee Road Passenger Depot, Amtrak Depot
Christ Church of LaCrosse (Church)   [Map]
831 Main St., LaCrosse, Wisconsin
Also known as: Christ Episcopal Church of LaCrosse, Wisconsin
District School No. 1 (School)   [Map]
US 14/61 E of Jct. with WI 35, Shelby, Wisconsin
Also known as: Wilson School
Dr. Adolf and Helga Gundersen Cottage (House)   [Map]
Very private property
Also known as: Helgaland
Dr. H. H. Chase and Henry G. Wohlhuter Bungalows (House)   [Map]
221 and 223 S. 11th St., La Crosse, Wisconsin
Also known as: Voight and Drew Houses
E.R. Barron Building (Commercial building)   [Map]
426--430 Main St., LaCrosse, Wisconsin
Frank Eugene Nichols House (House)   [Map]
421 N. Second St., Onalaska, Wisconsin
Also known as: Nichols/Hermann House, Lumber Baron Bed & Breakfast
Freight House (Railroad depot)   [Map]
Old freight station repurposed as a popular restaurant
Also known as: Chicago,Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway Offices & Freight Wareh
George Zeisler Building (House)   [Map]
201 Pearl St., La Crosse, Wisconsin
Also known as: Satori Arts Gallery
Gideon C. Hixon House (House)   [Map]
429 N. 7th St., La Crosse, Wisconsin
Also known as: A LaCrosse County Historical Museum
Grandad Bluff (Natural feature)   [Map]
A 590 foot tall mesa overlooking the CIty of La Crosse and the Mississippi River Valley
Also known as: Grandad Bluff Park
Gundersen, Dr. Adolf and Helga, Cottage (House)   [Map]
Cottage built of pine logs, in a vertical orientation, on an island in the Mississippi River
Hamlin Garland House (House)   [Map]
Simple frame home purchased by Pulitzer Prize writer, Hamlin Garlin, for his parents
James Vincent House (House)   [Map]
Brick, Italianate, single family house
Also known as: The Vincent House
John L. Callahan House (House)   [Map]
933 Rose St., La Crosse, Wisconsin
Joseph B. Funke Company (Building)   [Map]
Former candy factory now a luxury hotel
Also known as: Charmant
La Crosse Armory (Armory)   [Map · Street View]
2219 South Ave., La Crosse, Wisconsin
Also known as: John Gund Brewing Stables
La Crosse County School of Agriculture and Domestic Economy (School)   [Map]
Demolished 1989
Also known as: Onalaska High School Annex
La Crosse Plow Company Building (Building)   [Map · Street View]
Old structure being modernized and rebuilt
La Crosse State Teachers College Training School Building (School)   [Map]
1615 State St., LaCrosse, Wisconsin
Also known as: Campus School, Thomas Morris Hall
LaCrosse Commercial Historic District (District)   [Map]
Downtown area loaded with wonderful old architecture and eye candy in all directions
Lakeview, Wisconsin (Placename)   [Map]

Laverty-Martindale House (House)   [Map]
237 S. 10th St., La Crosse, Wisconsin
Also known as: Martindale House
Losey Memorial Arch (Arch)   [Map]
1407 La Crosse St., La Crosse, Wisconsin
Main Hall/La Crosse State Normal School (School)   [Map]
An imposing red brick building that is the centerpiece of the UWL campus
Also known as: Maurice O. Graff Main Hall
Maria Angelorum Chapel (Church)   [Map]
901 Franciscan Way, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Also known as: Mary of the Angels Chapel and, the Chapel of Perpetual Adoration
McGilvray Road Marker (Historic marker)   [Map]
Historical Marker at the McGilvray "Seven Bridges Road" Trailhead
Mindoro Cut (Road)   [Map]
A hand-hewn cut through hard rock, built in 1907-08, remaining virtually unchanged
Mindoro, Wisconsin (Populated place)   [Map]

Mons Anderson House (House)   [Map]
410 Cass St., La Crosse, Wisconsin
Otto and Ida Loeffler House (House)   [Map · Street View]
1603 Main St., La Crosse, Wisconsin
Our Lady of Sorrows Chapel (Church)   [Map]
519 Losey Blvd. S, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Also known as: Chapel of the Blessed Virgin of the Seven Dolors, Cemetery Ch
Palmer Brother's Octagons (House)   [Map]
Two octagon houses located in West Salem, one serving as the visitor center.
Physical Education Building/La Crosse State Normal School (School)   [Map]
Former physical education building about to undergo major remodeling and repurposing
Also known as: Wittich Hall,University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Powell Place (Commercial building)   [Map]
200-212 Main St., La Crosse, Wisconsin
Also known as: Healey Block
Roosevelt School (School)   [Map]
Former school converted to a 33 unit apartment building
Smith Valley School (School)   [Map]
4130 Smith Valley Rd., La Crosse, Wisconsin
Sunset Point, Wisconsin (Placename)   [Map]

U.S. Fish Control Laboratory (Building)   [Map]
Former government administration building repurposed as the visitors' bureau
Also known as: La Crosse Area Convention and Visitor Bureau
W. A. Roosevelt Company (Commercial building)   [Map]
230 N. Front St., La Crosse, Wisconsin
WAR EAGLE Shipwreck (sidewheel steamboat) (Shipwreck)   [Map]
Adjacent to Riverside North Park in the Black R., La Crosse vicinity, Wisconsin
Waterworks Building (Building)   [Map]
Former water works building repurposed as an art and civic center
Also known as: The Pump House
Will Ott House (House)   [Map]
A striking Queen Anne house in a residential neighborhood
Also known as: Weekley House
Wisconsin Telephone Company Building (Building)   [Map]
Former telephone company building repurposed as a bank.
Also known as: Security Building