Pierce County, Wisconsin

Daniel Smith House (House)   [Map]
331 N. Lake St., Prescott, Wisconsin
Also known as: Mitchell House
Glen Park Municipal Swimming Pool (Structure)   [Map]
CWA, PWA and WPA project including a Craftsman style support building.
Also known as: City Park Pool
H. S. Miller Bank (Bank)   [Map]
223 Broad St., Prescott, Wisconsin
Also known as: Prescott City Hall
North Hall--River Falls State Normal School (School)   [Map]
University of Wisconsin, River Falls, Wisconsin
Pierce County Courthouse (Courthouse)   [Map]
Domed, Neoclassical, Beaux Arts courthouse facing the commercial downtown area
Also known as: 1030741846, 1020751833, 0502783014, 1031771749, 0902712, 02047721
Roscius S. and Lydia R. Freeman House (House)   [Map]
220 N. Third St., River Falls, Wisconsin
South Hall, River Falls State Normal School (School)   [Map]
320 E. Cascade Ave., River Falls, Wisconsin
Also known as: South Hall