Waushara County, Wisconsin

Alanson M. Kimball House (House)   [Map]
Campus of mid 19th Century buildings centered on a 2-1/2 story frame residence
Auroraville Fountain (Fountain)   [Map]
Well bored for convenience of travelers and their horses
Rodney, Wisconsin (Placename)   [Map]

Wadhams Gasoline Station (Commercial building)   [Map]
One of the remaining few Wadhams Gas Stations, repurposed as a restaurant
Also known as: Pumphouse on The Mill
Waushara County Courthouse, Waushara County Sheriff's Residence and Jail (Courthouse)   [Map]
209 St. Marie St., Wautoma, Wisconsin
Also known as: 1030741846, 1020751833, 0502783014, 1031771749, 0902712, 02047721