Concord, Missouri

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Populated place in St. Louis County


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Concord, Missouri
Posted July 11, 2010, by Sharon Spear (sweetsexysharon [at] gmail [dot] com)

I grew up in Concord Village. It's still known by that name. We moved there when I was about a year old. That was probably sometime in 1955. The street I lived on had your basic three bedroom ranch style houses with carports on half acre lots. At the time, there were farm fields backing up both sides of our street. When it rained really hard, the creek behind our house would flood because there were no storm sewers at the time.

Hwy 21 was a two lane road and no one had even thought about I-270 at the time. I remember when Hwy 21 was widen into four lanes through that area. We had to wait at the school bus stop where all the construction was going on. I also remember the construction of I-270.

Much has changed since that time. But, there are a few things that do remain. I'll get some pictures posted here as soon as I can.