Chenoweth Fort-Springhouse

Also known as: Site of Chenoweth Massacre
Avoca Rd., Middletown, Kentucky


Chenoweth springhouse

By Unknown author -, Public Domain,



National Register information 

Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on July 1, 1975
Reference number
Areas of significance
Military; Architecture; Social History
Level of significance
Evaluation criteria
A - Event; C - Design/Construction; B - Person
Property type
Historic function
Single dwelling
Period of significance
Significant year
ca. 1786

Update Log 

  • June 16, 2022: New photo from Bill Eichelberger



Chenoweth Fort-Springhouse
Posted January 11, 2021, by Patrick Lueken (bigtoollueken [at] gmail [dot] com)

I checked on it today, I attempted to attach a photo not sure if it will send with email. Itís still completely intact. Thanks to the careful harvesting of the quarry operations, they have kindly left a buffer zone around it.

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Chenoweth Fort-Springhouse
Posted July 15, 2019, by Jane Thoman (janefthoman [at] gmail [dot] com)

Does anyone know if the Springhouse is still standing? Is it possible to visit it?

Do you know of any other historic sites relating to the Chenoweths in the general Louisville area?

Thank you for your help,

Jane Thoman

Middletown Chenoweth's Masacare Historic zmarker
Posted May 3, 2016, by Peter Dakin (Pdakin0 [at] ivloud [dot] com)

Not clear why it was removed. Are these not State Markers. You say there is a photo .

When I trmave I make a point of taking steps to park an read these Markers and the Pioneer history they reveal.

So what did it say?

Sad to see history being removed.

Peter Dakin

Chenoweth Fort-Springhouse
Posted December 9, 2014, by Greg Wulker (wulkerg [at] gmail [dot] com)

My email has changed, Her is my new one. Greg

Chenoweth Fort-Springhouse
Posted July 7, 2014, by Ellen (econne8848 [at] gmail [dot] com)

Yes. The historical marker is gone. I have a picture of the marker that I took just a year and a half ago. The site was right in front of the Radio Shack on Shelbyville Rd in Middletown. I do not understand this mystery of why it was removed. If you have any other information, please respond to this post.

Chenoweth Fort-Springhouse
Posted October 9, 2013, by greg wulker (jwulker [at] cinci [dot] rr [dot] com)

Clay, please contact me in reference to the springhouse.

thanks, Greg

Chenoweth Fort-Springhouse
Posted March 8, 2013, by Clay

As a follow-up to a prior post, for anyone who is interested, the site does still stand on property privately owned by the Rogers Group Inc, who operates the quarry. A call to both the Filson Historical Society and the Rogers Group both confirmed the present state of the site and acknowledged its historical significance. It sits in a grove of trees immediately adjacent to ongoing operations, but there were no plans mentioned that would threaten its preservation. As such, it is likely safer where it is than left to vandals. As a side note, the Rogers Group was very kind in returning my call regarding the site, and describing its current preservation.

Chenoweth Fort-Springhouse
Posted March 3, 2013, by Clay

I went looking for this landmark with my children and was dismayed to find that it seems to be consumed by a rock quarry. There are some photos of it just a few years ago, in disrepair, but recognizable. Considering that the story of the Chenoweth Massacre is referenced so frequently at other historical sites like Locust Grove, I'm wondering why nothing is said about the present circumstances of the site. There is a marker about a mile away at the corner of English Station Road and Shelbyville Road, but the actual site seems to have been quietly discarded to private industry. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.