Danger Cave

1 mi. E of Wendover on U.S. 40, Wendover, Utah



Results of excavations at this site formed the basis for definition of a long-lived "Desert Culture" which existed in the Great Basin area. Earliest cave stratus (c. 9500-9000 BC) is characterized by crude chipped stone artifacts; Zone II (c.8000-7000 BC) by milling stones, basketry, and notched projectile points characteristic of the Desert Culture; and Zones III, IV, and V (c. 7000 BC-500 AD) by materials showing an elaboration of the same culture. -- National Historic Landmark statement of significance, January 20, 1961

National Register information 

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Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on October 15, 1966
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Areas of significance
Archeology - Prehistoric; Archeology - Aboriginal
Level of significance
Evaluation criteria
D - Information Potential
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Historic function
Current function
Periods of significance
5000-6999 BC; 7000-8999 BC; 1499-1000 AD; 1000-500 AD; 499-0 BC; 1000 AD-999 BC; 1000-2999 BC; 500-999 BC; 3000-4999 BC