Bradley Knitting Company

Also known as: Bradley/Borg Complex, George W. Borg Co.
902 Wisconsin St., Delavan, Wisconsin


Retention Pond

The former factory was declared a brownfield, demolished and converted to this retention pond.

Photo taken by J.R. Manning



Brownfield Cleanup: Bradley Knitting/Borg Instruments Site 

Written by J.R. Manning

The City of Delavan is, and has been, a center of industrial locations for over 100 years. Bradley Knitting built a factory at this site in 1903. The Borg Instrument Company began leasing space in the building in 1929, then bought the property outright when Bradley ceased operations in 1941.

Borg used the location to build automobile clocks, then timers for the military during World War II. Borg successfully made the move from mechanical timers to electronic devices and continues to operate in Delavan, but in a new factory just east of downtown.

After Borg moved to their new facility in 1989, the Wisconsin Avenue site stood unused. After 2000, the State of Wisconsin discovered that the site was a brownfield with soil polution from leaking fuel oil tanks and chlorine was found in the area. With brownfield grants, the structure was demolished and remdedial steps were taken to clean up the site.

Today, the former Bradley/Borg site is a retention pond. The story was highlighted on the Wisconsin DNR website and can be found at the Wisconsin DNR website.


20th Century (29,078)
Art Deco (1,250)
Brick (42,466)
Built 1903 (801)
Built during 1900s (9,493)
Ceramic tile (3,229)
Delavan, Wisconsin (7)
District (10,576)
James Davidson (4)
Modern Movement (2,583)
Private owner (54,403)
Stone (26,168)
Walworth County, Wisconsin (54)
Wisconsin (2,627)

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