St. Anne Water Tower

East of IL-1 and North of CR-23

Riveted steel water tower with built-up support beams.



Photo taken by Nathan Holth in August 2006



Street View 


This was an excellent example of a riveted steel water tower. The tower was traditionally composed with built-up support beams (which include attractive v-lacing) and pin-connected support bracing connections. With an intact plaque crediting the Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Company with building the tower, the structure was a noteworthy example of a tower that retained a plaque and was not built by the extremely prolific Chicago Bridge and Iron Works/Company. The Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Company plaque on the tower was located on the base of a support and had a attractive depiction of a water tower bordering the text within the plaque.

Based on Google Street View imagery, the water tower has been demolished and replaced with an ugly modern water tower in the same lot but in a different location. The historic tower clearly could have been left in place for its heritage value, indicating that the demolition of the tower was pointless and the result of a severe lack of vision on the part of St. Anne.

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