Bank of Lafayette

Corner of Main & Patton Street, Lafayette, GA


Photo taken by Eddie Douthitt in July 2010



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The Bank of LaFayette received its original charter from the state of Georgia in 1889. Founded by a group of local investors from the LaFayette and south Walker County area, the bank did not actually begin business for another ten years. On July 18, 1899, The Bank of LaFayette opened for business in a location on the west side of the town square. Originally a one story building, the bank was located where The Bouquet Shop is today. The original leaded glass window with "BANK" spelled out can still be seen today. Total deposits that first day were $2,064.38. Early leaders of the bank included J.E. Patton and James P. Shattuck. In 1907, a new three story building was erected by the bank on the corner of Main St. and Patton St. (named after Mr. Patton) on the location of the old Globe Hotel. On February 1, 1908, the business was transferred to the new location where it remains today.

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