State Theater

929 College Street, Bowling Green


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National Register information 

Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on December 18, 1979
Reference number
NR name
Downtown Commercial District
Architectural style
Mixed architectural types
Areas of significance
Commerce; Architecture
Level of significance
Evaluation criteria
A - Event; C - Design/Construction
Property type
Historic functions
Courthouse; Clubhouse; Post office; Restaurant; Specialty store; Financial institution; Business
Current functions
Business; Specialty store; Courthouse; Financial institution; Restaurant; Clubhouse; Post office
Periods of significance
1900-1924; 1875-1899; 1850-1874; 1825-1849
Significant years
1840; 1925
Number of properties
Contributing buildings: 74

Update Log 

  • August 8, 2010: Updated by Mike Page: Landmark is park of Downtown Commercial District
  • August 8, 2010: Added by Bill Eichelberger