Elbert County Confederate Monument

Sutton Square, Elberton, GA


Photo taken by Eddie Douthitt



Street View 


Written by Eddie Douthitt

The first statue intended to pay tribute to the Confederate soldiers was an odd looking, bug-eyed, mustachioed figure that the residents of Elberton thought looked like a Yankee soldier. The 8-foot statue was unveiled in Elberton's town center in 1898. According to the Elberton Granite Museum, one resident said the statue looked like a "strange monster, ...a cross between a Pennsylvania Dutchman and a hippopotamus." It was this comment that led to the statue being nicknamed "Dutchy." It stood in the square for less than two years, when a town mob came and knocked it to the ground, burying it under the town square. In 1982, the Elberton Granite Museum had Dutchy exhumed, and it is now on display at the museum.

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