Mill foundation at Morse Mill

In ruins
1000 ft upstream (west) of the Hwy "B" bridge over Big River, on the north bank

Mill foundation ruins at Morse Mill


The mill foundation

Closer view of the foundation of the mill building at Morse Mill, MO as seen from the other side (south side) of the river.

Photo taken by Fmiser 2011-01




The town was named for John H. Morse, who settled here in 1847. The mill is listed in Goodspeed's history of the county publish in 1888. The mill was closed during the depression and then torn down in the 1940s. All that remains as of 2011 is a portion of the foundation and a portion of the dam.

The mill foundation is on private property on the north side of the Big River, but it is very visible from the Jefferson County park on the south side. The park access road connects to Hwy "C" which junctions Hwy "B" about 0.5 miles south of where Hwy "B" crosses the Big River.

About 400ft upstream (west) of the mill ruins is a through truss bridge supposedly also built by Mr. Morse.


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Mill foundation at Morse Mill
Posted July 12, 2011, by Gary Crull (amerkiwi [at] suddenlink [dot] net)

I am looking for people who were living in morse mill area during the late 40's early 50's, especially familar with highway ee going back toward hyw 30, i am trying to locate some photo of the old rock tavern that burned circa 54. Thanks....