Cedar Ridge Mall Carousel

1451 Coral Ridge Avenue Coralville, Iowa

A Chance Morgan Rides 36' Carousel mounted inside a huge, regional mall



The carousel is clearly visible from I-80 at night.

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in May 2012




A 36' carousel featuring a menagerie of animals, 1,372 lights and an open top. Built by Chance Morgan Rides, Inc. in 1998, the carousel is mounted permanently in the Cedar Ridge Mall, in Iowa City, Iowa.

Coral Ridge Mall Carousel 

From a Fact Sheet Published by Coral Ridge Mall

Carousels with their glowing lights, vibrant colors, rhythmic cantor, and enchanting music have long brought joy to all ages. The timelessness of the carousel has bonded generations.

The Coral Ridge Mall Carousel was painstakingly crafter for an authentic turn of the century look by Chance Morgan Rides,, Inc. - the world's largest manufacturer of carousels located in Wichita, Kansas. The ride was purchased new in 1998 and permanently installed near the north main entrances for the grand opening of the Mall on July 29 of that year.

Incredibly detailed, the Carousel features an array of realistic Bradley & Kaye-style horses and wildlife menagerie including a zebra, leopard, elephant, reindeer, billy goat, rabbit, and cat. A classic sea dragon is a favorite with children and adults alike.

Each animal is unique and was hand-painted in the company facilities, which took approximately 100 hours per figure.

Filled with nostalgic Dentzel-style scenery, the 36 foot Carousel features goddess and cherub chariots with wheelchair access, beveled glass mirrored panels, 1,372 bright incandescent lights, and an open top of festive ribbons and rope lights.

The music heard on the Carousel is the wonderful old-time sound of the band organ and the songs associated with merry-go-rounds of the past. As the tunes play, visions of carousels, the carnival midway, and other happy childhood memories are brought to mind.

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