Airplane Service Station

Also known as: Historic Powell Airplane Filling Station
6829 Clinton Highway (US 25E)


Front Door of Establishment

Photo taken by Bob Davis




Elmer and Henry Nickle built the Airplane Filling Station, as it is commonly known, along the newly widened US 25 in 1930. The two brothers knew the value of using an eye catching design for their station. They knew that the key to success would be too not only serve the residents of the area, but they would also need to draw for the recent influx of travelers that the introduction of the automobile to the mass public had created. They chose the Fantastic style of architecture in order to make their station more appealing to the traveling public. While the form of the airplane lends itself well to use as a gas station, it was Elmer Nickle’s affinity for airplanes that was the driving force behind the stations construction. In the early years the brothers advertised on the reversible business cards with "Colonel" Harlen Sanders, who later converted his roadside station in to what would become the Kentucky Fried Chicken Empire.

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Airplane Service Station
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