Also known as: Nick Englebert's Grandview
7351 State Hwy 39, Hollandale, WI 53544

A sculpture garden created by Nick and Katherine Englebert from 1937 through the 1950s.


Overview Looking East

The path runs from the parking area to the entrance to the sculpture garden. At one time, there was a long fence that lined the path, but most of it has long since disappeared.

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in July 2012




Influenced by Father Matthias Wernerus' Dickeyville Grotto, Nick Englebert and his wife, Katherine, set out to build a sculpture garden on their dairy farm just outside Hollandale, Wisconsin.

Over a period of 20 years, Nick built an elaborate porch on his home made of concrete and various materials, covered the house with concrete, and built 40 sculptures in the yard. Katherine built elaborate gardens to support the sculptures.

The site was restored by the Kohler Foundation, a friend to the arts, then gifted to Pecatonica Educational Charitable Foundation in 1997. The PEC Foundation today maintains and operates this unique sculpture garden.

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