Our Lady of Peace Shrine

Between I-80 and US 30, just feet from the Nebraska state line, Pine Bluffs, Wyoming

A 30 foot tall Marian statue that can be seen by travelers on I-80


Our Lady of Peace

The shrine is impressive, over 30 feet tall, it stands out in the surrounding flatness of western Nebraska and eastern Wyoming.

The shrine is just south of the abandoned State Line Cafe.

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in August 2003



Street View 


The enormous sculpture of the Virgin Mary weighs 180 tons and stands over 30 feet tall. Created by sculptor Robert Fida, the statue is cast from marble dust and resins. It is the largest sculpture in Wyoming and if not the largest, it is certainly one of the largest, Marian Memorials in the United States.

Fida was working under the commission of (the late) Ted Trefren and his wife, Marjorie, of Cheyenne, who were inspired by the shrines to St. Mary in Medjugorje, Yugoslavia; Lourdes, France and Fatima, Portugal, places where the Virgin Mary was reported to have been seen.

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