Tree Rock

Median of I-80 near Buford, Wyoming

A small pine tree, growing out of a pre-Cambrian rock on Sherman Hill


Tree Rock

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in August 2003


Street View 


Legend has it that when the Union Pacific was being built, the tracks were curved slightly in order to pass this little tree growing from a rock. Whether or not that apocryphal story is true, the UPRR did, in fact, pass this oddity and engineers were known to water the tree.

When the route of the UPRR moved several miles south of here, the abandoned right-of-way became a wagon road, and in 1912, it became part of the Proclamation Route of the Lincoln Highway. The little tree was a favorite stopping point for early motorists, with lots of photographs of automobiles and automobilists taken here. When the Lincoln Highway became US 30, the tree remained a popular stopping point.

Today, it is the focal point of a rest area on I-80, in the median between the eastbound and westbound lanes, and just as it was 100 years ago, remains a popular spot for cars and people to have photos taken.

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