Heisler Steam Locomotive #1260

Also known as: Silver Creek & Stevenson Railroad
2954 S. Walnut Rd, Freeport, Illinois

One of 625 of the geared locomotives built by Heisler between 1892 and 1943


Photo taken by Dampf Eisenbahn in September 2012




The Heisler was the third of the three major designs of geared steam locomotives that were used in tight areas that required great pulling power. Used mostly in logging and mining operations, Shay, Climax and Heisler locomotives were workhorses for decades. Several are still in use although mostly in scenic and railfan operations.

Similar to a Climax, the Heisler uses two cylinders placed next to the boiler on a 45 angle. The pistons drive a center-mounted crankshaft that turns crankshafts coupled to gear-box driven axles on the matching trucks.

This operational locomotive was built by Heisler in 1912 and bears serial number 1260. It is one of 625 that were built and one of an estimated 35 that are extant.

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