Holcombe Site

Also known as: Holcombe Beach
37400 Dodge Park Road, Sterling Heights


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A Michigan Historical here reads: Holcombe Beach

Near this site in 1961 archeologists from the Aboriginal Research Club and the University of Michigan uncovered evidence of an early Paleo-Indian settlement. Here about 11,000 years ago these first prehistoric dwellers in the Great Lakes region inhabited a lake shore. Excavations of artifacts and bones reveal that for food the Paleo-Indian hunted Barren Ground caribou, a species suited to the tundra-like terrain of that era. As their environment changed, these Indians were forced to adapt to new ways of living, Different climate and sources of food required modified tools and methods of subsistence and the Paleo-Indian pattern of life developed into the culture of the Early Archaic people. The site known as Holcombe Beach is a reminder of basic changes in Michigan's physical and biological environment over the ages.

National Register information 

Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on April 16, 1971
Reference number
Areas of significance
Archeology - Prehistoric; Archeology - Aboriginal
Level of significance
Evaluation criteria
D - Information Potential
Property type
Current function
Agricultural fields
Periods of significance
11000-12999 BC; 9000-10999 BC

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