Springs Mill Lancaster Complex

Also known as: Lancaster Cotton Mill
Once called the largest cotton mill under one roof, the mill was shut down in 2003 and demolished by 2005.


Springs Mill Lancaster Complex

A short L&C train passes the old Springs Mills plant in Lancaster. Though it is now torn down, the plant was actually in operation at the time of this shot in 2002 or 2003.

Shot with a Canon EOS Rebel and scanned from a print.

Photo taken by Joseph Hinson

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-- Opened in 1896 by textile tycoon Leroy Springs

-- The company included other textile plans in the Lancaster, Chester and Rock Hill area.

-- Ran for more than six city blocks at it's largest.

-- Taken over by Lerory's son, Eliott White Springs, in 1931 when Leroy passed away

-- Leroy Springs was buried on the grounds of this mill. Later when the plant underwent an expansion, construction crews asked his son if he wanted them to move the body. Eilliott White Springs instead instructed them to build over the gravesite. Leroy's remains, well, remain where one of the towers stood.

-- Shut down in 2003 and demolition began soon after.

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  • Lancaster and Chester Railway (Parent district) - Col. Leroy Springs bought the railroad to haul textiles between his companies along the route.