Farley Mausoleum

30 E Broadway, Columbia, Missouri


Farley Mausoleum

Photo taken by iconions in May 2013




This mausoleum is part of the Columbia Cemetery National Registry. From the National Register application:

"Farley Mausoleum. (1911, contributing building) The Farley mausoleum is the only mausoleum within the historic boundaries. (Two small later mausoleums are located in an area added to the cemetery in the 1940s.) It is located almost due north of the receiving vault, in Block 22. It is about the same size as the receiving vault, and it, too, faces south to the road. It sits back a bit from the road, and the comers of its generous lot are marked by large concrete urn planters. The planters may be newer than the building.

The Farley mausoleum is much more highly styled than the receiving vault. It is constructed of massive rock-faced granite blocks, with a high smooth stone water table, and a stepped front parapet that is topped with a small stone cross. A sculpted stone laurel wreath set into the front wall beneath the cross surrounds the date 1911, and FARLEY is spelled out in raised letters beneath the wreath. The central front doorway is topped by an oversized arch of smooth stone blocks which is supported by pairs of short smooth granite columns. The heavy capitals of the columns feature stylized acanthus leaves. The double doors of the entranceway are covered by ornamental metal grills. The building is highly intact and in very good condition."

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