Iowas Largest Frying Pan

Also known as: Big Brandon Frying Pan
Brandon, Iowa

Large steel frying pan


The Pan

Taken May 31, 2013

Photo taken by Dave King




The pan was built in 2004 by men of the local community of Brandon. It took these men a little over forty volunteer man hours to construct the frying pan. It is made out of scrap steel that was donated by local farmers. The pan was originally built as a promotional tool for the Brandon Area Community Club’s semi-annual fundraiser, the "cowboy breakfast". They chose to build a large frying pan because the cowboy breakfast is cooked over open flames using mostly cast iron frying pans.

The frying pan is calculated to hold 88 times as much as a 10-inch frying pan. 528 eggs (44 dozen) 352 pork chops (1/2 pound chops) 88 pounds of bacon 440 hamburgers (1/2 pound Burgers)

It is quantitatively 10 times the size of a 10-inch frying pan. Weight: 1,200 pounds Total length: 14 feet 3 inches Rim diameter: 9 feet 3 inches Base diameter: 8 feet Handle length: 5 feet

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