Englehart-Winning & Co. [south] Building

212 N. 4th, St. Joseph, Mo.

This four-story red brick building is located at 212 N. 4th in St. Joseph, Mo.


Englehart-Winning & Co. [south] Building

Photo taken by iconions in June 2013



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From the National Register application: http://dnr.mo.gov/shpo/nps-nr/77000800.pdf

"This building has five stories plus a basement on a stone foundation. The tallest building in the block, it also has a cast iron first story. Its three bay, east facade cast iron columns between the windows. The central bay is pulled out about a foot from the plane of the wall.

The second and fourth stories have segmental arched openings, the third story has flat arches and the fifth stories are stone. The outer edges of the lintels on these stories are ornamented with terra cotta insets. An acanthus leaf stringcourse separates the second and third stories and a trefoil architrave separates the fourth and fifth floors. The central bay terminates in a pediment gable featuring a parapet nameplate at the cornice level. Incised in the nameplate is "Englehart / 1880/1898." The fifth story windows and the central bay windows on thesecond through fifth stories are flanked by semi-detached columns.

The broadly overhanging, bracketed cornice is shaped metal."

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