Soo Line Decapod

Also known as: 950
Corner of 3rd Avenue and Depot Drive, Ashland, Wisconsin

A Baldwin 2-10-0 built in 1900 for the Soo Line - the largest locomotive ever built up to that time


Overview Looking Southeast

The loco faces west, the Soo Line Depot is to the photographer's right.

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in August 2013




Baldwin built this unusual locomotive for the Soo Line in 1900. With a massive traction of 47,090 pounds, this 190,000 pound giant was used in freight service between Minneapolis and Sault Ste. Marie until 1912. Originally numbered 600, the decapod was the only one in the Soo Line roster.

The 600 was renumbered 950 and was transferred to Sault Ste. Marie for use on the ore docks. When ore operations ended there in 1929, the 950 was moved to the yards in the Twin Cities until 1942. It was then relocated here, to Ashland, for ore dock duties.

In 1954, steam use ended on the Soo Line and the 950 was donated to the City of Ashland in 1956 for educational display. It was on static display in a park until 1987, when the depot was restored. The decapod was moved to this location and has been on display here ever since.

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