Cooley Springs National Bicentennial Farm

Also known as: Bicentennial Farm
Anderson Road west of Ledford Road, Chesnee, SC

Abandoned American Bicentennial Farm in Cooley Springs, SC


Cooley Springs Bicentennial Farm

Photo taken by Michael Miller


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  • November 23, 2022: Updated by Michael Miller: Updated "Status"
  • October 15, 2013: Added by Michael Miller


  • Michael Miller - michael_a_miller [at] yahoo [dot] com


Cooley Springs National Bicentennial Farm
Posted November 23, 2022, by Michael Miller (michael_a_miller [at] yahoo [dot] com)

That's a shame. I knew it was a matter of time, though. I used to live in Cooley Springs, but moved to Reidville, SC in 2018, so I wasn't aware, but not surprised. Thanks!

Cooley Springs National Bicentennial Farm
Posted November 21, 2022, by John G (lamana2004 [at] yahoo [dot] com)

Michael, thanks for posting these pictures. The farmhouse has been demolished and is gone without a trace in November 2022.

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