Kinnick Stadium

Also known as: Iowa Stadium
Kinnick stadium

Home Football Field For The University of Iowa Hawkeyes


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Pink locker room

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Kinnick Stadium, formerly known as Iowa Stadium, is a stadium located in Iowa City, Iowa, United States. It is the home stadium of the University of Iowa Hawkeyes, in the sport of college football. First opened in 1929, it currently holds up to 70,585 people, making it the 7th largest stadium in the Big Ten, and one of the 20 largest university owned stadiums in the nation. It is named for Nile Kinnick, the 1939 Heisman Trophy winner and the only Heisman winner in university history, who died in service during World War II. It was named Iowa Stadium until 1972

Kinnick Stadium is well known for its pink visitors' locker rooms, a tradition started by emeritus Iowa coach Hayden Fry. Based on his psychology education at Baylor, Fry believed that pink would put opponents in a "passive mood". So Fry had the visiting locker rooms decorated completely in the color pink. Despite the periodic claims of various activists, it has nothing to do with gender or sexual preference. It's simple color psychology.


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