Fiddler's Reach Fog Signal

Doubling Point, Arrowsic, Maine


1914 Fiddler's Reach Fog Signal, Arrowsic Maine

Photo taken by Brian Bartlett



Criterion A: Maritime History / Transportation Criterion C: Architecture Statewide Significance The Fiddler’s Reach Fog Signal is one of the many aids to navigation situated along the Kennebec River in Sagadahoc County, Maine. Located on Arrowsic Island midway between the Doubling Point Light Station and the Kennebec River Light Station (also known as the Doubling Point or Kennebec River Range Lights), the fog signal functioned to enable safe passage through the tricky “S” turn of Fiddler’s Reach. The fog signal was maintained by the personnel who lived at the Kennebec River Range Light station, although the signal was not considered part of the station itself. When the pyramidal, timber-framed, shingle clad structure was erected in 1914, the audible fog signal was created by a bell strike. Between 1967 and 1970 the bell was replaced by an electric fog horn, the use of which was discontinued by 1982. The structure is now maintained by a private non-profit organization, the Range Light Keepers. It retains a high level of integrity of workmanship, design, setting, location, association and feeling, and to a lesser extent, materials. The Fiddler’s Reach Fog Signal as listed in the National Register of Historic Places under Criterion A, as an aid to navigation important to the transportation aspect of maritime history on the Kennebec River, and under Criterion C as a property that embodies the distinctive characteristics of a fog signal station.

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