Shaw, William M., House

Also known as: Greenville Inn
40 Norris St., Greenville, Maine


Shaw Residence


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Criterion B: William M. Shaw (Industry) Criterion C: Architecture Local significance. Located on a rise overlooking Moosehead Lake and the town of Greenville, Maine is the former home of William M. Shaw. This elaborate, two-and-a-half story, wood-frame Queen Anne style house was built for one of Greenville’s most prosperous nineteenth-century residents at the height of his success; this is reflected in the building’s rich and ornate embellishments. The house features sweeping porches, undulating elevations of bay windows, a compound roof, a porte-cochere, and a variety of shingles, brackets, and panels on the exterior, and is known for the exquisite exotic woods used on the handsomely appropriated interior. The design of this local landmark benefited from the work of two of the state’s most prolific and important architects: E. E. Lewis of Gardiner designed the house in 1890 and the Bangor architect Wilfred E. Mansur subsequently altered the house and attached carriage house in 1905. The William M. Shaw Residence was listed in the National Register of Historic Places at the local level of significance as a good example of Queen Anne style domestic architecture. The building also has significance in the area of industry, as the home of William M. Shaw, who as one of the principal owners of the M. G. Shaw Lumber Company made significant contributions to the economic and civic development of the town of Greenville .

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